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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

2.6 miles to honour Boston

I often have Tuesdays off. So Cori and I have been trying to make a habit of a lunchtime run to fit into her work and run schedule. And ensure we are staying on track!  We chat about work, life, her girls, my lack of social life and running and races.

Today I was REALLY happy we were running. I needed it. Yesterday's awful events really affected me. Deep sadness for the thousands of people who were in Boston to participate in an exciting, fun, fabulous, damn hard event that is MAJOR! The tragic bombings ruined something that has been a part of their day to day training (and life) for the past year. And for many, for a lot more than "just a year".

This race is all about symbolism. Most runners cannot even qualify. I read somewhere that less than 10% of those who run a marathon can qualify for Boston. This is an event that showcases the "fasties". It epitomises (to me) a great history of marathons, the celebration of running, the journey of GETTING THERE and so much more. I am filled with admiration, envy and excitement for those who qualify and make that trip! But yesterday, someone took the thrill, excitement, and wonderful away from a lot of amazing people. And those of us who were not in Boston (whether you run or not) watched in horror as the events unfolded.

Today's run started with a hug. Then a small pressie - Cori made us blue and yellow ribbons to wear! Then she told me the plan (which was going to be speed). Instead she told me she mapped out a 2.62 miler. PERFECT! Today was about loving the run. Knowing what it can DO for you. Loving how it makes you feel. 

Funny both of us couldn't find our marathon shirts to wear. So She dug out her GOOFY shirt, and I had on a long sleeve blue under the only yellow run shirt I have (my volunteer shirt from the Calgary Marathon). 

The wind was COLD...still a lot of snow on the ground, but it was a good pace. we even had a few hills! I think we kept a good pace. Plowed through the inclines and just enjoyed the pace. And as we usually do...talked about Boston and a few upcoming races. Which ones to do. Which ones to turf. We both have a looong bucket list!!!! The lotto would help us both in being able to stop working and just go do all the good races...

It was a good run. Not an insane pace. WE couldn't really go flat out...the side walks are still  covered in ice and snow. UGH!!! Spring...get here STAT!!! But it felt great to just run. At the end of the run we had a bit of a laugh. As we ran past the electronic entrance gate, some guy leaving the parkade rolled down his window asking is this the finish line? HA!

Great run. Can't wait for next week's run date!

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