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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Workout: Hills

Best Pic EVAH! 
Today I ran with someone who is a natural runner. He is fast. As in without training or trying much he can run 10km in 40 mins, whereas I take 62 mins.

But he hasn't been running for months. And asked if I wanted to run some hills. Sure!!! And I nearly pulled the plug an hour before we were supposed to meet. Then I realized that even if I ran the cemetery hills alone, I was doing the GD things.

So off we go. Tom didn't run ahead, but instead he kept peppering me with questions. Like what are you eating, where you been training, what do you think when you run downhill. HUH. DUDE. I just let my legs go and run the SOB. I dunno is that a RIGHT answer? hahahah.

It was clear he held back, but is coming back from injury so is not keen to push. I on the on the other hand was eyeing my pace. And if it dropped below 6:30 per km (even on the uphill climb) I was pushing to kill it. I even passed him on the downhills a few times. I know he ws taking it easy. But I could see it was still a good workiout for him. HE was sweating with the oldie, for sure! Oh wait. He is older than me!!!! :-)

In the end, 4.5 km of big ol rolling hills and uneven terrain. And in about 29 minutes. Not Bad for a soon to be 45 year old. This week I had been feeling sluggish and lame in running (freeing rain and snow didn't help much either). Today got me out there and back on the oh HELL yeh wagon.

Looking forward to my next run. Gotta get up at 630 am (uuuuugggghhhhh) to get in a nice run before work!

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