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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Abort the Run! Abort!!!

Woke up this morning at 7. Ready to run. Primed for a long run. 10 miles or bust. It's grey. GREY. Like Toronto grey. Not blue skies prairie spring day. But I gotta get er done. So off I go.

Holy S%$^*()()_!!! Eff You mother nature. Seriously. GLARE ICE. We do NOT get ice storms like eastern coast. Oh, but apparently we DO today. On my morning to run. GRRRR. I am not stopping I keep going. Thought for pretty much the first 15 minutes I am walking on glare ice. I think to myself: 'The pathways will be better...' And finally I find some grass and trail (sounds better than grassy boulevard don't you think?) so that I can get moving.

And then i have to cross an overpass. I take 3 steps onto overpass and immediately SLIDE BACKWARDS. I get ahold of the bannister and pretty much pull myself up the first part of the overpass. I figure 'oh its just slippy...the path on the other side will be better'. Then the downhill part...i have hands on bannister and I SLIDE right down the entire downhill part. and then trying to maintain balance wipe out where the bridge ends and pathways begins. It was rather comical. Except for the wiping out part. Good think no one was there to film it. Or see.

View from the Path!
I get back onto the pathway. And immediately decide to run alongside on the grassy trail. Its realy foggy, but beautiful. And not really that cold! So for the next 6 km its a great run. With the exception of the wipe out part. And the slipping every time I stepped onto the path. Really it was sheer (literally!) treachery.

I get a good sweat on. But honestly it was getting slippier out and I packed it in. It just was unsafe. I do not want to pike out on a run. But as I sit here at home more now is falling on top of the ice that is already there.

Of course it IS Calgary. And spring. And probably this will all be gone tomorrow. I hope. I need to get a good run in. I pisses me off to stop running. But if I hurt myself  (whoohoo ice on the pathways!! Subdural Haematomas for everyone!!!) I am screwed for the next few months of running. Better to be safe.

And frustrated.

Melt damn you. I will try again tomorrow.


  1. This weather is awful! It sucks to pull the plug on a run but it is not worth it to keep going and to get injured!

    Argh...only a few short days left!

    1. OMG!!! i know. I am soooo ready for some sun. melt snow melt (dammit!!)