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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Tale of the Travelling Shoes

Are you sitting down? Because this story may take a while!!

Back in December I  saw a cool post from a lovely blogger in California talking about these cool shoes I saw on the Dr Oz show....

I was intrigued by Debbie's review and giveaway!! oooo. I checked...didn't see anything that said it was a US only giveaway so I entered. And wouldn't you know it i WON!

Hot damn i was so chuffed!!

Then Debbie messages me and says, well Therafit does not ship to Canada (what! boooo) but I will get them to you! Wow. How nice. Wait. I know that shipping is a pain from US to Canada (why I do not's not like we are that far or anything!!!) so I offered to help pay. But Debbie says no. So I know it takes time to ship and I am so excited to get them, I get her to ship to my parents house in Stettler where I am headed for the holidays. That way I will be THERE when they arrive. I wont miss their arrival if they come here while i am there for the holidays, right?

Ah...and then the UPS shipping nightmare story begins. You can read Debbie's story here!!! Basically Debbie ships em..they come straight to my parents town. where they SIT for 2 weeks. I ask where the shoes are and UPS keeps telling me they are going to be delivered. Next, they will be delivered the next day. Nope, now in a couple days this issue will be rectified  Another week passes and nope, no shoes. this town is 4,000. Where is this package?? Sigh. UPS is looking into it. I spend 2 hours one day on the phone and they tell me now the shoes are in Calgary (where I live) and will be delivered to me. No problem. Only they are never delivered but returned to sender. I raise holy hell with UPS who apologizes to me profusely. I sheepishly have to get a hold of Debbie to say...oh gawd...these shoes are coming back to you...and so the wait continues. The thing is UPS screwed up delivery. The local UPS shop shut in my parents town. So they sat there unattended. 5 friggen minutes from my mom's house for 2 weeks. I was livid. UPS promised me Debbie would not have to pay a cent to resend them. They would cover the cost for their self-admitted screw up. I guess Canadian UPS peeps didn't relay this to their American brothers.

Seriously are you laughing? You should be. It's funny when it doesn't happen to YOU! 

So finally....On Feb 8th the shoes were finally delivered. My Mom gave them to my sister who would bring them to me. Then she got sick!! aaaaaaaa

So then it took 10 days to meet up (we live a few hours apart) to get the shoes.

We RIP open the box!!! What is inside????

OOOOH look at these beauties. Not avail in Canada. No one else has em! Oh the red is UBER FAB!! LOVE. I am so ready to go.

So about those shoes...I feel terrible that I have not worn them very much. I have worn em a bit. Not a lot. The snow is melting here and its a gong show mess. I don't want to get them filthy. But TRUST me. I will wear em. I love how they feel right now. Comfy!!! I cannot wear them at work, since I wear dress shoes there. But as soon as it dries up a bit I am wearing them to walk to work! I am chuffed to bits. I love the look of them. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU DEBBIE!!! I promise to wear them A LOT!!!!! 

I need to find Debbie something Canadian to send her...hmmm. Clamato Juice? Cheezies? hmmmmm. I will think about this!


  1. UGH! Crazy! Isn't that the worst when your beloved package is held in UPS limbo??? Glad you finally got them! They look really cool!

    1. oh it was redic! They are so cute and we are still in the throes of winter and crappy slushy weather. I am waiting till its dry to wear em out!! can't wait!