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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Reunited! a long lost post

*OMG! I just found this post i had not published I guess i had better do it now!
Sorry for being SO tardy!! 

We had lunch November 27th! 

It's like a week had passed not well over 10 years! 
I just had lunch with someone who I would definitely call my Running inspiration, Someone I havent seen in over 10 years!!

I first met Stephanie in 1999 when we both worked at the Canadian High Commission. She was in the Trade area, and I was in the Communications department. WE hit it off right away. Partly cause she was so lovely, easygoing and welcoming. And she was a runner. I wasn't  Not really. Hadn't been a runner for years. Since my cross-country days in high school. A long time ago.

But she was amazing. She ran. She didn't just run a bit. She ran 20 some kilometres at lunch. She whooped off well over 50km every week. Sometimes 100km a week. She was an elite athlete. She represented Canada on our track and field team. She was in a word - amazing. Wow. I could never do that. I admired her dedication. And her zest for life. We talked about running.  I thought maybe I should try it. Instead, I did the next best thing. I joined a women's Aussie Rules Football team. It whipped my sorry arse into shape and I learned to run. I ran around a pitch, rather than on the road. But she cheered me on and I never forgot her encouragement. I recall with fondness going to our favourite pub and drinking a pint. Her coach told her to have a Guinness the night before a long run! What a guy!!

A year later she left Australia, I stayed. Life happened. We kept in touch via email and then FaceBook! And when she finally visited my fair city from Ottawa I was thrilled to meet up. A great lunch, a long visit. And, of course some posing with the the Famous 5. Of course there is a back story. WE both love the Famous 5! But Stephanie is related to one of them ...Emily Murphy! Plus there is the exact same sculpture in Ottawa too!

Over the past two years she has been unable to run. At. All. She sends me amazing wonderful messages about how my running journey inspires her. And how proud she is of me. It means a lot coming from someone who has attained such accolades and competed on an international scale. I am such a small fish in this world, but her advice over the years has kept me moving, and made me a better runner.

Over lunch it was like we had never been apart. I LOVE how great friendships are like this!

Ah! Memories. And good friendships. It's a good thing.

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