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Monday, 25 February 2013


The past few weeks (well, let's be honest...years) haven't been the greatest for me. A lot of personal upheaval, loss and confusion. And so I run. And not fast. But moving de-stresses me. Clears my head.

This weekend I so needed a run. So i did a few. A shortie 5k. And then on Sunday a little more mileage than usual (well since I wasn't allowed to run or exercise for the first two weeks of Feb. But I have kept miles up before that. So planned a 15km run Sunday  Alone. As Usual. I hate that sometimes. I am someone who needs a cheer section. Or just to know I am not doing it by myself. Most runners I know are lone wolfs. Not me. Maybe its my mindset...I am trying. It's long runs I struggle with doing alone. I have few peeps who are my pace. All the runners I know are Fasties, or short distance gals, so they do NOT do anything more than an hour ever.

So off I go. The first 5 km suck. Cant clear my head. Cant seem to stick a pace. Lots of peeps on the path tho. But I keep going. Dammit, forgot watch so estimate those 10 and 1s. Somehow iPod voice keeps popping up to tell me distance so I just keep going. One. More. Mile.

I get close to 7 and think, I am done. this is not going well. I have less than a kilometre to go before I can hit a bridge and peel off and go home. And I take a drink of water and get back to it. Better make that last K count right. And I keep going past the Bridge  Stop being a WUSS. You completely have another 7 left in you. Lameo.

And THEN I remember an online twitter convo with Sara Bown. And her comments about persistence and dedication  And I think about my last run with Cori and how we are running this week.


And so the inner dialogue goes. Countdown on the Ks. You can do this.And I hit my groove. I think I run a couple miles and only slow down for a patches of ice. Pace increases  significantly. Got the groove on. And then I see THIS.

I ran past. Then turned around to check it out again. I friggen laugh my ASS off. I don't know why, but the word WHORE on the pavement CRACKED ME UP. Somehow it distracted me....And made the last 6 k a good effort.

Yup. Might not have been fast, but i did 14km. DONE.  Slower pace than usual. I text my pal Calli (who lives 3 hours away) and she got outta bed. you got out there. you did it. Then i whine about the time and she texts back quick. SUCK IT UP. She's right! duh!! Can't a few weeks we will be running together again!! WOOT! I love a girlie road trip to do a run.

I LOVE  my friends. Ass Kicks when you need. Hugs at the ready. COMMON SENSE reminders!

Yup. I got done my run. It was a better day. And tomorrow is another day. And I leave you with this thought. Always remember it!

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