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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Today I struggled to get up and get out to work on time. With one minute to spare I got in!

As the day drug on i thought about my run gear upstairs and was, like, ugh. I don't wanna. WHAT IS WRONG??? BAH! 

Work ended and i hustled off to run class. Hills. oh JOY. I knew i HAD to. No bitching, just doing.

I have struggled getting decent runs in since my surgery 3 weeks ago. Dammit. I need my mojo back, and I need a damn good run. Quit whinging and get yer gear on lady! As soon as we got out there and started moving it was good. Even as I looked up to that first looming hill, I thought. eww..OK. et's get this party started. And think about how good it feels to go downhill...GET IN!!!!

WOOOT! I FINISHED a 7km run. 6 hills. 6 long steep hills. There was some walking in a couple spots. But no stopping. And when my lungs burned I busted a hump to excelerate. Holy CRAP I FEEL FANTASTIC! 

I know this. Yet I dreaded today's run. Silly wrabbit! My brain is clear. My legs feel FAB! And my lungs were burning. Awesome. Can't wait for day off tomorrow and having a run with Cori


  1. I've been struggling too - I am looking forward to the mojo boost of having a running buddy today! So glad you tweeted me :)

    1. Great run!!! never say its gotta be 5 or nothin again!!! :-) next tuesday it is....