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Friday, 1 February 2013

Team CEP :-)

So here I sit resting after surgery. Thing holy crap this is gonna be a LONG couple weeks before I can go for a run. What am I gonna do??

Well, I have stocked up on the running mags that I haven't read.  I have a book on running a WHERE did I put that?? I am napping. And visualising. And making lists of wish lists of races. 

Today, I went shopping with my mom and sister. Am in Winners and get a ping that I got some email. So I take a snoop and the subject line reads, "Congrats on your selection to Team CEP 2013" WHAT?? Squeal!!! And less than 5 minutes later as I am trying to open the attachment my phone dies!!! 

ACK! Still. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Aha?? Me?? Here I was applying last minute because I figured they would NEVER pick someone like me. But they like me. They really, really liked me!

About an hour later I get home. Whip open FB and see THIS announcement on CEP Compression Canada's page!! And then I go to TWITTER and see this

YAY!!! OOOOh so excited to learn more and join the CEP Canada team! 

I was pretty stoked when I checked out the official press release. Lookit all the names of Team Canada and the Canadian Olympic team athletes! Marathoners, triathletes, speed skaters, oh MY! Scroll down to the very bottom of the list is little old me:

Tina Garstad //#1 Fan CEP Compression//10k, Half Marathon, where ever my shoes take me!

EEEK! I am so thrilled to be one of only a few recreation-level athletes (oooh this is a word I so rarely use to describe myself!) included. What an amazing opportunity to be invited to be a part of a “group of sponsored Olympians, Elites and Weekend Warriors who rock their CEP compression wear from the Olympics to personal bests”. 

Look for me out and about this year! I will be sporting my CEP compression gear as an ambassador for the brand. And using social media to connect with others doing the same!  An honour to be sure!

Thank YOU!  THANK YOU!! Thank you so much! 
How do you #rockyourCEPs? 

Find out more about the CEP and Team CEP Canada 2013 
by following me or any of the amazing team members.

Check out #rockyourCEP and #TeamCEPCanada2013 on Twitter.

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