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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Afternoon Quickie with Cori

Sometimes you just NEED a run. You NEED a boost. In the past few weeks I have struggled with motivation. Part of this a hangover from being forced to take 2+ weeks OFF of all exercise and physical activity. Part of it being distracted due to stuff at work. Oh, really, just sitting on my ass and not getting OUT THERE is the reason. No excuses.

So yesterday I knew i needed a pal to run wit.  I rarely have a Thursday I figured if I asked someone to run I couldn't jam out!!

I don't usually have anyone to run with so thought for a minute and  Cori  popped into my head! I didn't get to hang with her after the cupcake run a week ago...and hadn't chatted about her Goofy a perfect plan was hatched. I tweeted Cori to see if she could come play!

We had only ran together once before, and we had similar pacing, so I took a breath and tweeted my request!

Had to drive about 25 minutes to get to the south side of the city but was DAMN happy we did it! It was a nice easy run (with the exception of me wiping out on ice as we left the parking lot!! Can you say GRACE?)

Just a shortie run. 4km. I thought it took us jsut over 30 minutes. Easy pace..something both of us needed to get back in the saddle. Not fast - but felt nice to get out and get moving. 4km at a 7 minute pace is better than no run at all!

I am SO GLAD I asked. I rarely have peeps to run with, so it was a great plan. And the start of something good.

I am looking forward to our date next Tuesday already!

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