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Sunday 2 March 2014

Time for a Run!

After a week of being flat out in bed...I was finally feeling well enough to try to go for a run. My bout with typhoid/runner psychosis is appearing to be over, though I still have quite a nasty cough.

Too bad the weather is NOT cooperating!
Oh yes. Deep Freeze weather. -40. That magical number where Celsius and Fahrenheit meet on the scale WAAAAY down there on the thermometer.

Rude. Just so rude. Especially when I am finally ready (and sooo needing a run). Even my watch wants to go.

On the news everywhere on Friday night they are calling for an EXTREME wind chill warning (yes even better than a good ol wind warning!) A Wind Chill Warning is issued to warn of conditions that will cause frostbite to exposed skin. But now we are onto even colder where frostbite on exposed skin may occur in less than 10 minutes. WHAT AN AWESOME WEEKEND.
BAH. Are you SURE it's that cold? So I roll outta bed Saturday and double check the interweb sources...and weather sites.
And get outta the house to go for a run. 
Be clear. I went to the gym...I think it is stupid to run in -40. 
Yes. I am Canadian. Yes. I am tough. I run in rain, sleet, all kinds of our awesome cold.
But I have a threshold. I think I know a thing or two about cold since I live above the 49th Parallel. 
Dammit Jim, I am a runner, not a scientist!
I have run a 5km in -34C/-29F. But I have not or will not run much longer distances when the temperature dips beyond than that. 
Not to mention how damn sick I have been and how I am still not 100%
And I say sometimes you have to call it. Especially if you need a two hour or more run. And you do not have all day to wait to get it done. SO. I went to the gym. I cannot afford to go on a drop in basis, and do not have a membership. But this was needed! Best 10 bucks I spent in ages! 
And ran and walked almost 90 laps. And did a 10 minute burst on the bike. Got in almost 17km. 

VERY SLOW. But I felt great after being flat out in bed all of last week. I almost quit after the first hour an half of run. But then I thought I should just continue on even if it is "just" walking. Just one more. then 5 more. Hell if I would have done 105 laps I would have hit 21km. But that is ok. I read too much of folks with foot, knee, hip pain pushing through. And continuing to train. Also not always the best idea. So, given I am still recovering from typhoid/runner psychosis, I need to take it easy. So walking was a great choice.  Maybe I am not fast enough, but I want to be healthy come June 1st. And prefer all parts of my body to still be attached. 

Today I woke up. Checked the vain
Sadly this...
Might become a familiar sight for a few days until the weather smartens up. 


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Would kill to have an indoor track somewhere close but am making do with the little bits of outside running the weather's been allowing us here. Loved all the pics, as per usual!

  2. I have never ran on a small track like that. Our university has one and I have often thought of using it for some speed work instead of my treadmill. 90 laps! oh my... I think I would get dizzy. lol Great post!

  3. Ya! So glad to hear that you're feeling better. I love your 'suck it up buttercup' toque! I hit the track this weekend as well, it's short and tedious but WAY better than -40!

  4. I can't believe you ran 90 laps. I would have a) lost count and b) wanted to pull my hair out. Good for you! Get well soon, partner!

  5. I would not be able to survive running in the negative digits, you are brave and l love your dedication.