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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bondi Band+ Ragnar + Vegas = TinaFABulous

When I read Bondi Band asked for bloggers to apply to run Ragnar Vegas, 
I was so excited. I knew I HAD to apply! 
I wear Bondi Bands a lot, am DYING to run a Ragnar ...
Put them together and

Bondi Band + Ragnar + Vegas = TinaFABulous
Sooooo...Why do I belong in VEGAS with Bondi Band's FAB Ragnar team this year? 
Where do I begin....

Several years ago, I was a VERY different person than I am today. I was heavy, unhappy, looking for change. I decided to try something I hadn't done in 20 years. I signed up for a 5km run. And a run class to get my butt in gear. At first it wasn't easy. But I got out there and kept at it, even if it meant sometimes walking not running.
 And despite that initial trepidation, I built up from 5k to 10k runs. 
One Step. One Day. One Mile. AT A TIME.
I worked my butt off. Literally. I ran every chance I could. 
Then in 2011, I thought I could run a half marathon. Now, I have run 25 halfmaras.
I ran after knowledge, peacefulness, and to chase down that elusive pace. 
I ran on road and trails. I ran in the rain, the sleet, the snow. Day or night. 
Throughout the past few years, I have loved wearing my Bondi Band headgear. I found them at a local race expo and have been hooked ever since! I am training for my 3rd Mara (in June!!! eek) and now that Spring is coming my Bondi's are coming back out for runs!
I think you can see I really am a bit of a crazy fan. I do not have a huge collection of Bondi Bands, well, I have a few. Ok. I have a dozen. *shrugs* Is that a problem? I think not!

So Why Ragnar?
It's basically a road trip, a bit of camping combined with a relay.
I am SO DOWN with that. Three things that I love. In a setting that is beyond fantastic!
I'm not afraid of the mileage - and would love to cheer others on too.
And I would be stoked to take on this killer challenge before our winter sets in.

Combine that with a company I think is FAB, it's a perfect match.
I want in on the camraderie. I want in on the terrain. 
I want in on new running friends. 
I want in on the FABULOUSNESS of it all!
Plus, if I may be so bold, 
I think Bondi Band would benefit from some Tina FABulous!

Today when I run or finish a race I am so grateful that I do NOT look like this 
BUT that I look and feel like this

I just love the run!

#pickmepickmepickme #bondiband #tinafab #FabVegas #LoveMeSomeBondiBand


  1. Replies
    1. haha would be lots of fun! totally will take you

  2. Very cute! They NEED to have Tina Fab on their team!

    1. Thank Marcia!!!
      sounds super fun eh?? here's hoping they think I am fab!

  3. That video was so awesome I paused Walking Dead to watch it. This is a first. I assure you, you are FAB!

    1. hahahah! probly cause my text interrupted your sunday viewing. :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing this video with me! You made my day! You are the best!