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Friday, 21 March 2014

a little Race-cation!

This year I joined a team. Team Tough Chik.
If you have never heard of it, Tough Chik is a very cool performance and casual apparel line for women. I was drawn to its sassy and encouraging attitude the past couple years. So this year when applications opened, I applied.

Team Tough Chik is an online team of  about 280 women (5 countries and 42 states)! I am one of 3 Alberta reps (2 gals from Edmonton and ME from Calgary) on the team. I figured this would sorta be it. We would cheer each other on via our private FaceBook group. And, I would probably not meet any of these toughies. Not this year I thought.

I was wrong. 

YEHAW. Yup. I have a wee announcement: I am OFF to a race!

In two weeks I will be meeting about 14 or so of my toughie teammates!!! Woohoo! This toughie is heading south!

After a VERY long winter that is seemingly never going to end, I am headed to California. Squee! I am joining team Tough Chik for Ragnar SoCal! Yes, a RAGNAR!

What??? hold on. WHAT the heck is this Ragnar Relay?

Ragnar is an overnight relay race where teams of 12 run 200 miles. Each runner (in a designated order) does 3 legs of the race.

And here is how Ragnar defines it:
"You and 11 of your craziest friends pile into two vans and tag team running 200(ish) miles, day and night, relay-style. Only one runner hits the road at a time. Each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3-8 miles and varying in difficulty."

Plus I like the fact that this race series is named after Ragnar Lodbrok, legendary Norse ruler and hero from the Viking Age. Now, I do not know if that Ragnar is named after this Ragnar...but I like to think so...

What??? Yup. I really am running a ragnar. Been wanting to for ages. And timing (and money) never worked out. Then I saw an opportunity. And passed. And then a few weeks later...I passed again. And then, a few weeks ago, I saw a call-out asking for someone to join the toughie team. And, really, the third time that it came up I thought....HELLS YEH! I booked a flight on airmile points! I am staying with someone I have never met! And, quite frankly, I am stoked to go run with 11 women I have never met. But  I have to say that several have already contacted me and I feel so welcome, especially since I was a last minute add in. And stoked. Did I say I was stoked?? Running from Huntington Beach to San Diego? Yes I am in!

I just could NOT let this opportunity pass again....
Stay tuned for more deets on my legs and the team! 

Have you ever ...
Run a relay race? 
Did you Love it? 
Run a Ragnar? 
What advice do you have for a Ragnar Virgin? 


  1. I am SO jealous. You are going to have a freaking awesome time! Whoo hoo! Find me a boyfriend please & cool socks :)

    1. socks will be easier to find than a boyfriend! lol

  2. I LOVE Relay races and have probably done 5 or six of them here in Nova Scotia. Ragnar looks so cool! Some of my American Blogger friends have done them....I'm so jealous you're doing one, lol. :) Have fun! Remember hygiene goes out the window when you're sharing a van with teammates all weekend. ;) so on that note, take deodorant and personal'll be happy you did, lol.

    1. I have done Sinister 7 Ultra relay twice, and Banff Ekiden and LOVED them! So i am stoked.. Never done Ragnar or a point to point with this much driving...awesome eh??And yes. deod and babywipes all the way!!

  3. I am doing a Ragnar in California but not until September, I am doing the Napa one. Pack lots of snacks, sleep when you can and enjoy. IT's so much fun!

    1. Thanks Christy!! I am excited for SUN!!!! Napa sounds amazing too :-) babywipes and snacks.