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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Be Happy

In the past month I have really noticed a trend in blogs (and even in some conversations with fellow runners). It's been on discussion boards. It's even come from my lips.

What am I on about?

Self Deprecation. Negative talk.

Why do so many runners talk negatively about their run? I have heard so many runners say, "I just ran X kilometres in X minutes. I know its slow, but..." I know I have said it. 

Maybe all the negative self-talk is getting to me. I was actually starting to think of packing in my marathon training cause "I was just so slow". What if I don't make my goal time? Maybe I should just do the half. BAH!  NOPE. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. 
It's time to start using different words to describe a run. It's time to stop running down a race, finish time and pace. It's time to CELEBRATE the run. Slow or fast. Every. Run. Counts.  (Thanks to Crystal, Sue, and Cori, and Michelle for the nudge on this!)
Positivity when describing a run makes a huge difference. Self defeating talk (in an 7 minute miler is just as irritating as someone who is an 11 minute miler). If I am being VERY honest. I will say I find it hard to give encouragement to someone who just ran a 4 hour marathon or a 2 hour half and then says, "That sucked"; "I am so slow"; "That was a bad result."

Eliminating the "BUT" makes a difference in how one feels about a run. It does not mean you are complacent about a result. You can always use a run as a springboard to move forward.

I love to cheer fellow runner on. But, I am beginning to think that people are often disappointed in their result no matter what it is. I have read a lot of race reports, facebook and twitter posts  that voice disappointment in a run or race. Heck, even if it is a new personal record, the person is STILL not happy. I really find this disheartening. Stop saying a run sucked when you finished it. Find the good, the positive. Use every run as a builder. Move on. Stop the self defeating talk.
The running community is about your presence, not your pace. We're all getting out there and working hard every day to be the best we can be. I think that being supportive also means helping us stop the defeating talk.  

Why can't we just be excited about and confident in our accomplishments? Don't get me wrong, I've done it too, but I've seen it so much lately, it's started getting to me. We are all awesome. So keep rocking it!


Have I missed one?? 


  1. What a great commentary on negativity, as a relatively newbie runner I am often just amazed that I am able to go out and run 10 (or even 20) km, and so I find myself typically pretty positive about the runs I get out and do. I have to watch out for the cycle of negativity that comes when I skip a run or workout day... if I come down to hard on myself for it it often makes it that much harder to get back out there the next day. Love that video and Great list of hashtags btw!

  2. Great post and an attitude we should all embrace! Love the line "The running community is about your presence, not your pace", would look perfect on one of those motivational posters you're so good at (and that likely would then get stolen by some running Good going!

  3. Hear! Hear! I was guilty of doing this until a friend smacked some sense into me, hence why I have adopted the #IJustRun mindset. =)

  4. Yes!!! Love this and totally and completely agree. Negativity in general drives me nuts. I also get frustrated with 'fast' runners that complain about times and quit races because they are only going to get X time when that time is something that many people would give their right arm for.

  5. Also for the record, I have complete confidence in your marathon abilities and think you are gonna kick ass!

  6. I have pulled back from reading some bloggers that seem to be so wrapped up in their pace that they are not fun to read anymore. When I see someone say that they ran 9-10 minutes miles and it sucked, I think, "Are you kidding me? That's so fast! I fist pump the air any time my tracker says I broke below 11:00/mi!"LOL

  7. Enjoy EVERY moment Tina! I'm so glad we chatted this week. :)

  8. Quite right! Enjoy the run. I think we all have periods of this, we beat ourselves up and hold ourselves accountable to crazy standards we have made up. What could be bad about being out there running?!

  9. 100% agree! Running and running fast is such a relative thing and oh so personal. I used to be one of those runners who would add "for me" when I said I ran fast but not anymore.

  10. Such an awesome post Tina! I’ve said it a million times too and try to stop myself from it whenever I can. I’m a lot slower than many but I know I’m also a lot faster than many too. I think what’s most important is to recognize the things that make YOU feel good about your run, no matter how fast or slow it is.

  11. Tina, I totally agree with this sentiment, it does seem like there has been negativity out there. I love your idea about banning that negative self talk. The first time I trained for IM Canada I was so negative on the bike because my training partners were always way out in front and I really let it get to me. Staying positive and *not comparing yourself to others* is such a big key to success. Good luck with that marathon training Tina. You've got this!!

  12. Fantastic Post!!! I agree 100%...a change in mindset is needed. Love the video!!