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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Run and FUN

I have said it before. I love the Original Saint Patrick's Day Run! So how did it go?

Getting there...well I take this route regularly. But I missed the turnoff and it added 15 minutes of driving time. *shakes head* But I got there. in the nick! I like a little more time to GET READY, but well, c'et la vie. And as you can see from my outfit...I was ready to get down to business!
I run into Tara on the walk to the race, Then Saskia comes over to say hi! 
So of course a photo is needed....
The funny part is that the local paper was there and took a pic of the 'selfie' to put in the paper!
A moment later we are off to the start line. 
I must have been distracted. I was standing next to Leana and didn't even see her til she said hi. No time to snap a pic because then it was time to go! 

Off we went....

I knew I wouldn't have the best race....shingles really kicked my ass before Christmas. Then the killer flu I had left me 2 full weeks without running. so I have only really be recently getting in proper training. That is ok. It was a beautiful day. I just wanted to run. 

I have been feeling discouraged lately. About my running. About how no one  seems to be happy with a run - even when it is a good race. Nothing is good enough, fast enough. Its hard to read when people say it was a personal best, but it isn't good enough. I do not mean that people should be complacent. But a lot of runners (myself totally included) do not celebrate the wins. We navel gaze at the bad. 

But for this raceI felt determined just to see about sticking to a consistent pace. I didn't do badly on that front. I got the first 5km done in 32 minutes. Not much off a good pace for me. Then I faded a bit. Ice (really narsty ice) on the pathways played a part. So did a lack of strength. The next 20 minutes were slower, a bit of walk an run...weaving through some crappy parts. Then over the last 15 minutes I picked up my pace and dialled it up to speed up by over a minute and a half. o yes. I have it in me. I just need to stick to the schedule and get er done. 

I have to say nearing the en of the race having Karen and her fab daughter cheering their butts off was the BEST boost a gal could have. Super awesome high5s and cheering gave me an extra kick to the end! 

After the run, Tara and I headed into the gym to warm up and check out the festivities and food. Mmmm Vegetarian chili, buns, bananas, water, milk, coffee, and lots more. 
Someone was gonna win all this bad I didn't know them!! 

This race is full of yum at the finish.
I did win a prize for my outfit. A New Balance run shirt! whoohoo. 
Also a highlight was the fun photo booth there...Thanks to  Neil Zeller for these fun shots! 
And this awesome one too! Thanks Neil

A great after race laugh with Karen, her daughter and Dawn

It was  great race, a wonderful way to start my day and, yes,  yes, most certainly slower pace than  I have been in a long time. But also feeling pretty damn fine and happy with the run. Its going to be an awesome stepping stone. I shall not let complacency win. But I will not beat myself up over not getting a goal time either. I will use this to push further and move father along in my training!! 
There is a lot more fabulous to come this year!! 


  1. Woo hoo! Way to go. :) Looks like such a fun race... wish we had one here again. You had a great race and time. :D

  2. I love these photos! So much awesome :) Well done!

  3. How fun is that - a photo booth at the race! Great pix.