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Thursday, 27 February 2014

NOT Running....makes for a little Crazy

So my last week has been a bit crazy. AS IN INSANE.

Last Tuesday got in a short runch date with Susan. Holy crap it was windy. I think I whinged about my sore throat. And maybe even coughed a bit. But Sue whinged WAY more about how damn cold she was. Honestly it might have been a tie. Sometimes, we just try to outcurse each other.
Friday we finally went for a run after freaking out at work unable to watch our Canadian men play the Americans in the semifinals. I was feeling a tad under the weather. Nagging cough that has been around for a week. But I needed a run. Was chilly and windy but we had fun!
After all our boys were enroute to GOLD! Race to the pub at 5am on Sunday to watch...woohoo!

Near the end of the 5km, I had a bit of a coughing fit. Or two. Crap. But I can fight it. Vitamin C and D...on overdrive. The doc said it was a virus. No fluid in my lungs, so where. Not bronchitis. But at midnight I woke up and felt like a truck had hit me. HARD. 
Awesome, really. NOT. 
Because that meant that I wasn't running in the morning. FRACK. 
I slept most of the day, thinking maybe I just need some rest. But no. 
5 pots of rooiboos later and countless peebreaks, I was a gonner.

I got it. I got something. BAH!!!!!
Haven't figured it out. But it is the cooties. And I feel sad and pathetic. 
Couch to Bed. More Tea.
Sunday came. I woke up at 3am. Crawled to the bathroom. Drank some more water. 
My alarm did ring at 5am. Up I got, turned on some lights. Boiled water for tea. Telly on. 
Assumed the position to watch the boys get 'er done. 
And then promptly fell asleep to wake up just after the second period started. Good lord!! 
I tried valiantly to go get a brewski from the fridge. Nope. Just no way. So carrot juice with chia seeds. I know how to party. Game finished...slept a few more hours.  
(Don't judge me and my bad black toenails!)

Then decided to do a load of laundry. After all, I had to work Monday. (haha)
And see THIS in the laundry room. A pile o' barbies. A barbie cemetery. Tell me this isn't creepy. 
Or is it my sickness and codeine cough meds talking? 

After shaking the sight of THIS off. I decided I needed to lie down. 
I may have texted a few of my running girls at this point 
declaring defeat at my marathon that is 15 weeks away. EEEK. 

And then a sense of calm came over me. 
So the rest of my Sunday is spent napping drinking pots of tea and watching Season 4. 
And then bed. BAH. 
Monday more of the same. 
Except at this time runners psychosis has set in fully. 
FREAKING OUT about no long run. No the near future....aaaack! 
sigh...and then someone (not sure,maybe Codeine the imaginary pillow friend) says
...oh yes you HAVE been working out. 
At this point, I am about to TRY ANYTHING...and move on to green tea and more lemon water. I'm out of rooibos. 
Trying not to flip out. Pretty Much I sleep away Tuesday, too. Now I am out of lemons. Frick. 
Finally I wake up Wednesday and feel human. YESSSSSSS. 

I try to finish writing a communications plan but it isn't coming together. 
I do another load of laundry and avoid the pile o barbies. Still creepy. 
And I REJOICE that I am feeling better because I have a VIP event for the Calgary Marathon. And, if I don't go to this i really might lose it. 
- yes I realize we may have already gone FAR PAST that point -

So funnily enough late in the mid week feels like the start of my week. 
It was fun night...Thanks to my fellow #SCM Forerunners!
Fun with Lindsay, Terry, Michelle

OMG! OK I am looking forward to Calgary Marathon. 

Yay. Psychosis is OVER.
I am not 100%, but I think the batshitcrazies are at bay...

How you YOU fare when you get sick??


  1. OMGosh you are hilarious! I just hope I am this funny when I get sick! Unfortunately, I just get crabby. I'm not eating any ground up tiger- but would if it cures whatever I have. haha

  2. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! I'm guessing you weren't able to make the Weaselhead XC race then eh? Hopefully you are well on the mend now!

  3. Blah! It sounds awful and I hope the worst of it is behind you. No fun when there's no run for sure!

  4. Hah! :) You have the not-able-to-run-craziness down perfectly. I seriously go insane when I am sick because I can't stand staying still.

    1. i think that is a compliment...i AM feeling crazy...not sure i can even run a week later. wahhhhhhh. And would this COLD please go AWAY??? bah.

  5. The Barbie pic cracked me up! I used to teach preschool and we had all these multi-cultural baby dolls. One day I was cleaning up and I found them all tossed in a naked jumble inside the toy oven. I had to stop what I was doing, I was laughing so hard at the bizarre imagery.