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Friday, 3 May 2013

Skirt Sports Skirt Chaser 5K - Calgary

I had been chatting (and tweeting about this race for ages. My pal Cori had told me how she loved the Skirt Sport brand. And I read about the race concept. Sounded super fun. After volunteering for the Crave Chick Chaser 5 miler, I was so ready for a nice light-hearted CHICK race on my birthday. Let`s be serious, I wanted a PB too! I am ready to be under 30 mins for  a 3km! And since it IS my birthday...beers afterwards means somebody is planning my party, not ME!

Woke up to a wonderfully sunny day! It is about time because Spring has not been here really...and we are tired of waiting. It`s been a dreadfully cold and snowy (unusual April). Then again you never know with Calgary...last year on May 4th there was a snowstorm on a 10k race I did....

Thank you Mother Nature for giving me the gift of sun today! After massage therapy, then a coffee date and picking up my race package for the Skirt Sports Skirts Chaser, I was off to join the guys at TransRockies Events to help set up!

They were already fast at work, so I got started at wrapping the fences. It`s kinda fun to see the place take shape, since most of us only see the space after its finished and race ready!  The location of the race was great - east of downtown Calgary right along the river pathways. AWESOME locale for a run anytime! It was a great way to spend part of my afternoon, meeting and chatting with folks from Skirt Sports and Transrockies. Finding out more about the organizations made me love them even more. And left me feeling so pumped about the night`s events (and all of the awesome runs that TransRockies has coming up!)

After two short hours of set up, I had to go to a job interview (lets hope its not like a bad date and the REALLY do call back). Then had to race home, change and take transit back downtown. Somehow transit was completely delayed and i ran 20 minutes to get across river and jump on train to take me to east village. Finally got there at 5 (an hour later than I thought) and there wasn't anything left for me to do. I sort of felt i didn't really DO enough to help out! 

Then my pals started showing up! First Tara. I had her gear so we went and got ready and hung around ooogling all the Skirt Sports merch. And the Fast and Female gear! Fast and Female was the charity associate with the race. I didn`t buy anything...but def will be next weekend at the Rocky Mountain Soap Run, where they also have a big presence!  Who is Fast and Female you ask? They are a very cool org that supports, motivates, inspires and empowers gils to stick to sports with innovative programming! Check them out! they do great work!
Then Cori showed up! 
And then she introduced me to Sophia
And then we waited for the race to begin....countdown to 6 pm...AND GO!  Man the pace was hot to start. I was under 6minutes per km. Knew THAT might not be such a grand idea to keep up, but i pushed a bit for the first k. I actually did better than I thought. Had a 9 minute mile, then a 10:24, then another 10 ish to hit a PB of 29:54.  Right at the end of my race I got dicked and chicked. I tried to push a bit harder but my tank (or maybe my head) was not there. Still I crossed and got under the 30 mark. hot diggity good GD!!! Now to keep up that pacing for long runs....well there is some work to be had for that...but it will come. I know it.
Sophia had nipped by me right at the end, I tried to keep up but there just was a lack of gas. I tried to find her right after to Hi-5 but she's already left to go home to her family! I will see more of her for sure! I love that I am meeting more and more fab women runners in my community (and in other cities) through twitter! 

Oh! and the skirt! It fits FAB. It is sized for REAL girls. Too many sport companies don't think about boobs and hips. (And it is clear I am NOT a member of the itty bitty titty committee) I loved how this skirt fit. I didn't pull, tug, adjust once during the run! AWESOME! Now I just have to save my $$$ to order the bra, jacket, top and skirts that i sooooo wanna have!!! 

And just cause you wanna know about the after it is in pics! Hey I drank two whole beer. I rarely drink beer. I don't care for it. But this I liked. I was so glad that my lovely pal Chantelle and Tat's hubs Trevor came to have fun too! If this race in your city, sign up! its a hoot. Great food, atmosphere, product and FUN! Hi-5s all round.

 It was a great night! 
Thanks to my pals for comin out and to 
Trans Rockies and Skirt Sports for throwing a great bash! 

Run Happy Peeps! Always! 

Read Cori's Race Report here!
Read Sophia Race Report here

1 comment:

  1. You're the youngest 45 year old I know! <3

    It was a fantastic race! So happy I could be there to see your shiny new PB!

    and MEC has a ton of skirt sports stuff in their clearance section right now. I've been outfitting myself regularly from there :) But I too want more. I love their clothes...