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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morning Run with Simon

It's the morning before halfmara #17. Calgary Marathon weekend! wootiewoot! And this morning is a run with Simon Whitfield! Who is Simon a few of you may ask? Well, he is a LEGEND! Gold Medalist in Triathalon in 2000 Olympics, 2002 commonwealth Games, Silver Meadalist in 2008 Olympics.....and a few others. He recently 'retired', but was in Calgary to run the 10km race in the Calgary Mara  (how'd he fare in one of his non TRI races? 4th! Ran 10km in 33:44. Just 3 mins behind winner and 39 seconds behind the 3rd place finisher!)

But I digress...back to the morning run.

It is a nice 3km friendship run with Simon coming out to inspire. It was an inspiring morning. We were introduced to Simon, and some of the elites running the half. We met Lucy - who can run a 1:12 halfmara...and Kip, who's halfmara record is 1:03. OK. This is seriously insane fast! Amazing they are slumming with us this morning!

Simon spoke of being in awe of the speed and ability of the elite athletes. Funny...isn't HE an elite??? It was great. He talked about running "with" Terry. And most Canadians of a certain age have all run "with Terry Fox. Love how he referred to running as a kids and being inspired by Terry. He was our inspiration growing up! And that still gives Terry's stature in Victoria a high-5 when he runs by during training!

And then we met the pace bunnies.  I am hoping to run a 224 half. I have been having issues pacing myself....sadly there isnt a pacer for that time. There is a 215 and a 230 pacer. Damn.

But I am sooo SO inspired in meeting Gerry, the 215 constant pace bunny. He's 80. Who recently ran a 3:45 marathon! Now THAT is how I wanna do 80!


Freaking 80 and recently ran in Boston -- finishing  a few minutes before the bombs went off. I have met him  a few times over the last couple years. Every time i am inspired by his strength and athleticism. But this morning after spending 10 minutes talking to him (before the event started) about running, loving the run and that we should all be GRATEFUL moved me more than usual. He`s right. Love that run. Enjoy it and appreciate it, because you never know what might happen. So true.

And then we all move onto the pathways to go for a run!

What a great morning for a run! Finally after pouring rain for 3 days, the sun came out! I tried to take a few pics of us running...and at the get go I was pushing at the front of the pack. Partly so I could see if I could take pics of Simon running. As you can see....those didn't turn out so well! 

Simon's feet are on the ponytail is the far right! HA

That is Simon at the front in Grey...honest! 
Feel great in the sun! Bring on my HALF!

I kept up with the pack, running a 6:10 for the 3km. 
This makes me realize that I need to push harder...a sub 29 5km is coming soon. 
So is that sub 60 10km. I can feel it!

 I love events like this...they inspire you, they start your day with a killer bang. Even if you have to leave the event and go to work! 

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