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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A HALF "Goofy" weekend in the Mountains!

Ok....I am officially nuts. In honour (and because I was envious of those who signed up for) the Goofy Mara in Disneyworld, I created my own crazy adventure.

This weekend I will be running my own version of the Goofy. A Half Marathon (my 16th since 2011!) on Saturday, followed by a 10km race on Sunday. Its going to a be a busy weekend in a gorgeous mountain setting!

Last year, I ran a 12km race in one of my best times (74mins!), so I hope I can have another great race. Or two.

But, this race is in the mountains. And it is a blockbuster event for me....And, I haven't run a half out here before! Still the air is fresh, the scenery AMAZING! I am pumped. Rocky Mountain Soap Company puts on a FAB event! They are a Canadian company that makes 100% natural bath and body products! Love their stuff!

The Rocky Mountain Women's Run really is a fab time! Just a different feeling than many races. Less about the RACE than the feeling of getting out there and doing it.  Which for me has resulted in PBs each time I have run.

I have volunteered for the past 3 years as well. So pumped to help out pre-race for package pickup.
This year for the first year, we are getting SHIRTS as well as amazing RMSC products. I am stoked (and a little scared) for Saturday!


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