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Monday, 6 February 2012

Ya Gotta Have Ticker, Maaaaate

Years ago my Aussie Roomate, used to scream at the telly (during cricket, of course), "Maaaaate, Ticka. Ya gotta have it!"

He's right. We need heart.

ticker [ˈtɪkə]
1. Slang
a.  the heart
b.  a watch
2. a person or thing that ticks
3. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Stock Exchange) Stock Exchange the US word for tape machine [2]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

The last few weeks I haven't had a lotta heart. Three weeks ago my parents came to the City for a routine visit. My step-dad was having an angiogram. Routine. No prob. Then several hours later Mom called to say actually, no it wasn't routine and we were going to have by-pass surgery. I cried. Of course. Since I am the family crier. 

Went for a run. Had a great 5km run. The next couple of runs were tough. So hard to keep my head on straight and not get distracted. Of course, I got distracted about getting distracted. ARGH! A week of minus40 weather had already distracted from some good training. Then my inablility to put life aside and go run showed me i still have lots of mental prep work to go  to "be a real runner".

Once my Dad had surgery and it went better than helped, I got in a great long run. Then it hit. The Flu. Typhoid. Or somesuch heinous nasty. I was so tired. Unable to get out of bed for an hour or two at a a tie. Sweats, Fever. Chills. And such bad bad aches. I was feeling mighty sorry for me. I couldnt see any of my family, as they would take germs back to the hospital. I couldn't see for myself that everyone was doing well, and on the mend. Heck, this past Thursday I wasn't even well enough to have lunch with my mom just before she picked up my dad to come home from the hospital. JESUS.

Earlier this week I crawled out of bed to go to the doc. He prescribed painkillers for my aches. I want sure i needed or wanted them. Then of course he asked me about running and exercise. When i had told him i started to feel poorly last Sunday right after a 10 mile run, he freaks out. Saying I shouldn't be exercising, or I would risk fluid around my heart.

WTF. WHHAAAAAAAAAAA?? Fluid? ummmmm. I thought exercise was good for me. (Granted one shouldnt run with the flu.....) but I felt there wasa slight over reaction. Then again, doc swears I dont have the flu with no cough or runny nose. But he's concerned about my big blood pressure drop, chills, sweats, etc etc. So off to bed i went. And stayed there for the rest of the week. Barf.

Finally Saturday i didnt feel like dying all day. So I ventured out for a little run sunday. At irst was only gonna go 5km. But then i hit 5, and thought, lets do more. So i overshot and did 12km instead of 10km. Felt marvy. Still do. THANK GOD.

Still, am a bit tired today. But a conserving some energy. I have a Half Marathon this Saturday. I am trying to not be hard on myself for not being in the RIGHT shape. I may not be able to hit my ideal time...but I think a Personal Best will happen. How can it not when we are running together for fun. For health. Can't be anything but good for our hearts and heads. Besides...we have two more half marathons (in Edmonton and Red deer) to run faster, if we feel the need.

These 3 halfmaras are part of our marathon training. And, part of my training to realize setting goals and following thru are more important than time.

And then, lest I forget the MOST important part of the race. The champagne afterwards! And the knowledge that a year ago I couldn't have done done one half marathon, let alone 3 in 5 weeks.

Onwards and upwards.
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