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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Running For Sherry

Yesterday The HoneyBadgers started a journey of epic proportions. The Five week Hypothermic Half Triology began.

Crazy. But Hey! We Are Canadian. And from Alberta. And we have Winter. DEAL. Run or Freeze!!

Today we started with Calgary - Running for Sherry! Bibs on and we are good to go. The run starts and we are in good spirits...but i am pretty sure I haven't eaten enough. And neither has Calli ..but we forge on.

For me the first 10km are good. Sun is shining, Lots of giggles...
 And time for silly poses. You will notice mittens are absent. At this point its lovely...sunny...
But honestly, after the first 10k, and the turnaround into the biting very bitter wind, I know I am pooched. First my energy dramatically drops. Not sure what is up (well hindsight being 20/20...and right then I remember i forgot to eat my porridge, which is still sitting in my condo! DOH!) 

And even better -- i gotta poop. I know. TMI. 

But seriously, why does this have to happen. GRRR. I am feeling like I am running in good time (first race of the year and 5+ months after only my 2nd ever half) I gotta stop, disrobe. Take a few layers off to go to the biffy. Man, we might have beautiful winters, but taking off a mountain of clothes SUCKS. 

By the time I get out of the loo, everyone (save the volunteers at the waterstation where the water is FROZEN!) is long gone ahead. 

Crap, i try to speed up to catch, but i don't have it in me. I was on track for a PB and i sort of fold when I know its gone. But then I see Calli in the distance, calling me. 

The two of us struggle and finish. In times we both are not happy with. But we are DONE. 

 I think that I am the only one who is OK with my time (2:31) cause it is REALLY close to my first half mara time ever. And i know with more training and better eating I can do better.

But poor Calli the cold got to her and the late start time made for a nasty result. Here we are one minute sort of laughing it up, and the next....well lets say you know its bad when you are barfing at the Armani makeup counter.

You can't see our awesome makeup - something we thought we could do before hitting the town to celebrate our first half of the year (and being in a hotel sans kids and such)...but yeh, no one else saw our awesome makeup cause we all headed back to the hotel and crashed. Literally.

Hey we had fun and giggles, but we learned the lesson once AGAIN that life is never what you have planned out. It is what it is.

So we have 2 weeks til we do Edmonton HypoHalf. It will be better. And it will be awesome with the grrls!

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