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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Winter Makes me Think (or WISH) for Spring

Mary Mary Quite Contrary....How Does Your Garden Grow? 
The last few weeks has been rather stressful. And I have drowned my sorrows (so to speak) in foot candy. Ah...shoe porn makes it all better.

That is the danger of working in a high end department store. Shoes staring at you. Beconing you. Saying. "Hello lady. What ARE you doing? Come over here. Slip me on. What are you doing tonight? Take me home. you know you waaaaaaaaaaaannnaa."

Tho' most of the shoes are unwearable (by my standards). Too High. Yet Dead Sexy. I still love them, even i f I know they will never EVER grace my tender tootsies.

Still I cannot resist looking. Touching. Petting. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Like these wedges. They make me think of Spring and summer. Of freshly lacquered toes.

Toes that are not black or bruised from miles put on by running.

Toes that look dead sexxy. Oh I still remember those kind of toes.

Actually, I am happy to announce that right now I have no black toes!!! I fear that come summer, they will be back. So no orange for me. Slate grey or black or navy nail varnish it will be. Or closed toes and not something fab like these uber sexy little flats.

Every once in a while I do come across a pair of two that make me double take. And not in a good way. Like these.
They have WHISKERS.
Whiskers. MY GOD.
That shit freaks me out.

Maybe they work on a 12-yr-old. But not on an adult. Sorry Marc Jacobs. I love your stuff. But not these. I can't get that freak on. No way no how.

Flats with sparkle and shine, sock it to me. I am all over them. But maybe You all love the little micey shoe. But if you are like me, you will be forever freaked out and think...whoa. (And yes, btw, I do think Hello Kitty is creepy, too!)

Been off sick for a couple of days. Happy to go back and join my little friends for a bit of comfort and wanton desire. Maybe that will help me kick whatever is kicking me. Flu or whatever it may be.

And if these pics whet your appetite you can look at a lovely online book of shoes available at Holt Renfrew. Drool Worthy.

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