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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold- February 11, 2012

The second week of January gave the running community some scary news. A runner named Sherry Arnold, from a small town in Montana, went missing. I first read about it on Twitter, then went to Beth's blog to read more.

I was terrified for this lovely lady. Just that morning I, too, had gone for a run. Alone. I emailed my most awesome running friend Calli, who lives in a small Alberta town (similar to the one I grew up in). She too ran alone. Both of us were really freaked by this story.

And we followed the feeds to see what would unfold. Fingers crossed. But by mid-January the news wasn't good. Part of me was surprized how deeply I felt so affected by a stranger's death. But in many ways she isn't a stranger. She loves teaching, she loves to run, she loves her family. She is one of us. She could be you. Me. This can happen to anyone. It shouldn't. But it does. It breaks my heart that this happened.

So when the Virtual Run was posted, I emailed my girls in Edmonton to say...LOOK at the DATE!!! WE are so doing this. So Saturday, February 11th is the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Calgary. Sherry is running it with me, Calli and Lisa. She will also run with us on February 26th in Edmonton, and March 4th in Red Deer. The HypoHalf Trio is all over this. Bibs are printed. Just gotta get 'em laminated.

It totally warms my heart to watch the outpouring of love that is happening in the running community - the world is pretty small sometimes. It's nice to see and feel that love. 

AS SUAR says, the purpose of this virtual run is to "run with Sherry in your mind and heart". Hells yeh! You need to do this. Do it!! I am taking some extra laminated bibs to my local running room for the manager to give out too.

Will post pics after each run!

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