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Monday, 6 February 2012

Ready to Run!

Today I finally got the bibs laminated!!

Lisa, Calli, Emily and I will be pinning the bibs on the backs of our jackets and running 13.1 with Sherry.

On Saturday, February 11th at 1pm, we'll be taking part in Hypothermic Half Marathon in Calgary.What are you doing for the Virtual Run?

Sherry will also run with us on February 26th in Edmonton, and March 4th in Red Deer. The HypoHalf Trio is all over this. The Hypo Honeys. The Honey Badgers. Hmmmmm. We need a name, methinks.

Following the run, we will be enjoying sushi and bubbly (after the hot tub soak, natch!).

See you on the trails.

And thank you to Beth for putting this run in motion!

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