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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Is someone gonna plow this route?

Holy Shit. 18 centimetres of snow fell the day before the Edmonton HypoHalf.

It's kinda laughable. I mean, it IS winter. We live in this godforsaken country. It SNOWS. And we know it. So embrace it right. But man...let me tell you RUNNING in it is another thing entirely!

So it's the morning of February 26th. We are ready to rock Edmonton.

But there is trepidation in the hearts of  the HypoHalf Trio -  meCalli and Lisa. We know we CAN. We know we will. But really. Let's be honest. There is 16 cm of fresh snow out there. IT's not a bitter as Calgary, so that is a bonus. BUT there is a lot of snow. A LOT. sigh.

Honey Badger don't give a shit. yes. Hold tight to this mantra!!!

How bad was it? AS  Calli  said...if you have ever run through sand dunes, that's what running through Edmonton's Highlands neighbourhood was like...

But it was AWESOME! Yes worst "time" ever for a half. But i had a helluva workout, and i felt FIIIINE when i got across the finish line. Damn Rights I can. Take that motha nature.

Also super awesome was meeting John Stanton, Founder of The Running Room and having a great pre-race chat.

So next week we hit RedDeer, and its gonna be ok.

I might actually be learning something about this running thing  - it's not really about how fast you do it, it's all in HOW you do it. And that every run, or race, teaches you something!

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