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Monday 15 September 2014

Big News of the Ultra Variety...

You all know about my love for Ragnar, having done SoCal in April 
and my ultra plans for the Ragnar Las Vegas this November ..... 

Weeeeeeellllll.....I have a wee announcement.

I am off to New Yawk to go join Bondi Band for Ragnar Adirondacks 

in 10 frigging sleeps

There are 6 runners. Not the usual 12 -- Hot diggity Day-em!

Running from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid. This is some supa dupa exciting news that came about in rather breakneck speed.

Pretty sweet deal...I was chatting with Bondi about Vegas and all of a sudden I have an invitation to run another Ragnar  - race entry, van rental and hotel all covered. AND some free gear and nutrition and hydration product from sponsors, In the words of Bondi "Just show up and be ready to run! C'mon it'll be fun!" (huh...Bondi my running enabler -- AWESOME!) How could I say no!

And as luck would have it I happened upon a SUPER cheap flight to Albany, new York at the last minute. And, since I have being running back to back runs to prep for Vegas, so I am ready to ROCK. It is pretty exciting...I have never been to this part of the world. And I think its gonna be beautiful!

Soooo. Yeh. The running part. I will be the 6th and final runner. I am pretty stoked to know I will run into Lake Placid. With 6 runners instead of 12, we do twice the miles. Essentially I am runner 11 and 12. I'll start with 11.7 miles. Then have an easier leg of a bit over 5 miles and finish with a bit over 10 miles!

11    6.30 miles | Hard1.90 miles | Easy2.80 miles | Easy11 miles
12    5.40 miles | Moderate2.70 miles | Easy7.50 miles | Hard15.6 miles

I am excited to meet the other FAB members of my team - Bondi Bandits:
Kimberly who can also be found on Twitter and IG
Gail who can also be found on Twitter and IG
Lisa who is found on Twitter and IG
Jenny (my Tough Chik sister) who is also on Twitter and IG

Jenny's hubs Adam ... who is also joining us as a runner.
And Lisa's hubs is our driver.

Are these men READY for the FABulous?? Is Ragnar?? Is the World??

Oh yes. This is gonna be FREAKING AWESOME!

Our Sponsors include:

  • The wonderful Bondi Band folks who have generously sponsored our team entry, hotel, van and some new awesome team gear! Find em also on Twitter and IG
  • Chase This Skirt: The wonderful Katie has made us awesome skirts that will rock out our look! Find her on FB and Twitter, too! 
  • Clif Bar Company have provided us with a whole lotta Bloks, Bars and Mojo for the race. We are totally gonna be able to #meetthemoment with Clif! Find em on Twitter and IG, too.
  • Krave Jerky: One of my fav snacks after a run! yum for protein. Hey, did you know Meb is a spokesperson? Check em out on Twitter or IG
  • ShowerPill: we are sooo gonna need these awesome athletic body wipes during the 36 hours in the van - no showering and a whole lotta running! Shower em with love on IG or Twitter
  • Nuun Hydration: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some nuun! So happy they are helping us hydrate. Show em some #nuunlove on Twitter or IG
  • I am a lover and a regular user of Vega and so pumped they are gonna hook us up with some #vegasport and #vegaone products! #fuelyourbetter, indeed!!  Check em out on Twitter and IG.
  • KT Tape is gonna wrap us up in some love, too! Check em out on Twitter and IG.

Have you done a Ragnar? Run Adirondacks?
Cheer us on! 

New York....its a state of mind innit?


  1. Holy, woman, you ARE a force! Looking forward to reading all about this!

  2. Have a blast! WIsh I could've joined you.

  3. WOW how freaking awesome! Have fun! I am off to Ragnar Napa in three more sleeps, isn't it fun to be on a sponsored team and not have to pay for so much :) Have a great time you BADASS!!

  4. Wow! That sounds like so much fun (in a crazy kind of way)! Have a great time. Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. So awesome! Love Bondi Band and Ragnar too. High five and have fun!

  6. You are an amazing lady!!! From you Bondi Band enabler...I am excited to meet you my friend! This race is going to be an amazing experience!!! Counting down the days!!!

  7. That's amazing! Have a great time. I really want to run a Ragnar, its on my list for next year for sure.

  8. Hurrah! Have all the fun, I will keep an eye on you from Maui :)

  9. Re-donk, lady! Have a BLAST!

  10. That sounds amazing!! I would love to run a Ragnar, one day.... :)

  11. You will rock this. You're one of the "strongest" people I know. You may not be the fastest runner (And I mean this respectfully) but you sure have determination and dedication. That's something to shout from the rooftops. Not everyone has your strong. Have fun!