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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ragnar Adirondacks: Ultra Good Times (part one)

(this was written months ago...mostly...then got lost in the Drafts!!ooopsie!)

Remember back in September when I said "Sure I can do a Ragnar...Ultra you say?? ...

Sure I can do #RagnarADK. As long as I can have the shortest leg...cause I am running RagnarVegas ULTRA in November. HAHAHAHA Yeh that time when I ran Ragnar Adirondacks with Bondi Bandits - Kimberley, Gail, Lisa, Jenny, and Adam. And Jay our FAB driver.

As I had said before...I'd have about 28 miles = totally doable. And, Sandy Sawyer - my most awesome enabler (aka - Bondi Bands Sales Manager and our Team Manager!) convinced me it would be awesome. And it was HARD as hell and hilly - really effing hilly. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Let's start at the beginning....

I left Calgary to Chicago...where I found my FAVOURITE choc bar shoppe - Vogses Haut Chocolat and spend a reic amount on treats (fyi - these bars lasted EXACTY 5 weeks - one bar a week I allowed myself. Mostly I shared with pals.)

Once in Albany, Sandy and I hung out, had diner then went to pick up Lisa and Jay. We hung out at the hotel and made a plan for the next day --> breakfast and grocery shopping and lunch then van decorating, then pre race dinner! 

Then Adam and Jenny arrived and we started decorating the van! 

We were starving and went for dinner and hung around Lake George a bit more...

Then we noticed this...hmmm. Made me laugh. We went back to the hotel and went to bed...not having yet met Gail and Kim - as they were delayed (good ol airline delayed Gails flight) so they would arrive close to midnight!!!)

So we trundled off to bed and set out treats and gifts for everyone! 
BadAssery Awaits the Bandits!!!

for more fun and laffs! 

But first...please indulge me while I THANK our sponsors again! 
  • The wonderful Bondi Band folks who generously sponsored our team entry, hotel, van and some new awesome team gear! Find em also on Twitter and IG
  • Chase This Skirt: Katie made the coolest bandit skirts for us - a very signature look! Find her on FB and Twitter, too! 
  • Clif Bar Company provided us with a whole lotta Bloks, Bars and Mojo to  #meetthemoment for the race (and a whole lot for after too). Find em on Twitter and IG, too.
  • Krave Jerky: We totally chowed own on this during the 30-some hours in the van. Check em out on Twitter or IG
  • ShowerPill: These sweet athletic body wipes were SO necessary during the hot hot heat. 36 hours in the van - no showering and a whole lotta running! Shower em with love on IG or Twitter
  • Nuun Hydration: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some nuun! This was awesome and taty way to keep us hydrated. Show some #nuunlove on Twitter or IG.
  • I am a lover and a regular user of Vega and their gift of #vegasport and #vegaone products was amazeballs! #fuelyourbetter on Twitter and IG.
  • KT Tape wrapped us up in some love, too! Check em out on Twitter and IG.
Honestly This was a whole lotta gifts and am so so grateful! 

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  1. Let me thank the sponsors .... :) Good job. I love the van. You had such a fun year in running #jealous