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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dinos and Princesses

The first Saturday of September I thought I would do a couple 10k PLUS good training. I just underestimated the heat a bit!

Saturday was a great start...where I ran into the most awesome Martin Parnell and Susan and her hubs (who likes to avoid all photo ops). Check out Sue's amazing race report here!

The race itself didn't go bad. I went outta the gate too soon. Doing first two k's at a 6 minute pace might NOT have been the brightest plan! So I slowed right down. I was kicked my own ass for thinking nah I don't need to carry water. It was WAY too warm to have no water. DumASSmove for sure. but I just keep trucking along. I slow my pace to a comfortable run...not a push til ya puke pace. I figure Have fun...chill out. Does it always have to be about time, and then being sad cause i am not yet hitting a sub hour 10k? Can't I just STFU and enjoy the weather, run, wind in my hair? Done. Let 'er go and just chill.

I think it is the halfway point where I see Susan stopped. Waiting for me. ANd i think WHAT? ARE? YOU? DOING?? She is cursing as I approach with pretty much a #fuckitalltobits moment happening. I think I say, "Slum it with me, I am slow but its not so bad". And, we get into a rhythm. Normally it is me who never shuts up. I talk Susan's ear off at work or at teatime. But she is waaaay more talky than me. She keeps piping up with pithy remarks. Asking am I pissing you off. Actually no not at all. I like her saying, "We are doing good". AN she yells out the kilometre markers. HA! Its awesome. It is also funny that  I sometimes do NOT talk. Who knew? We have some burny legs, but we speed up for the last 2 km.

We come down the stretch wehre we run to the last bit before we hit the track...less than a Km to go. Sue yesll out there's Kev...get your Patsy ON!!! yes...Patsy and Eddie (ABFAB the best Brit show EVER) are channelled. and we rock it...
And once we hit the is clear WE WON!!! WE bloody WON!!! 
Then it was time for refreshment and relaxation after such a massive effort! 
And time to hang out with Trev, my amazing pal who won the bloody race! 
Doing this in 69 mins is FAR from a Personal Best. But sometimes its about having a laff. At yourself, and with others. Proud to be getting out there! Good Times indeed! 

Then Sunday came...time to get the Princess on!! 
This race was to benefit Children's Wish Foundation. There were a WHOLE lotta princesses around. 

Especially cute ones like this! 
My frined Jen and her mom Gabrielle had a lotta fun hanging out and visiting before the race. THe race starts and off we go. I wear a water belt (lesson learned) and just keep a steady pace. I pass a whole lotta princesses along the last few there are many walking the 5k. They are all so sweet. I wish i would have snapped more pics!
I finish in jsut over 70 minutes.And hang out and wait for Jen and her mom. 
And try to not eat the treats. But seriously. Macarons. You HAVE to eat them, dammit. 
It's for the kids. So shove em in yer gob!!! oh yes....they were DELISH I will have you know! 

We had a GREAT time...and looked FAB doing it. 

After the run... I felt a little guilty at home...thinking I still should have run a few more miles...
So I swigged back my yummy David's Tea (they filled my water bottle with their fab Pink Lemonade flavour) and got my arse outside. Swigged back some water and energy bits and went out for 40 more minutes.

A great weekend of back to back training indeed!! 

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