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Monday, 1 September 2014

a FABulous August recap

August started out with a bang with the Grizzly Half Ultra! Then it was just a whole lotta fun!

A family reunion
where I learned that even if you start in a bed alone...
somehow your whole family ends up in bed with you!
Apparently this is something all parents understand. haha. 
 And my nephew decided he wanted to come for a run...
to see the sights in and around Rochon Sands
The next week I went out for a fun run with St John's Ambulance Run - thanks to the team 
at World Health and the Fabulous Laura who gave me an entry!!
It was a great time! 

I also got in a few fun training runs
 on hills and trails

a really messy friday night on the very wet trails with Sue! 
Where we saw wild cows...and nearly crapped as at first a big black furry blur might have seemed sort of bear-like. And then there was tripping over some dead critters....ewwwwww. 
But honestly it was a hellofa great way to spend a Friday night to get ready for my next trail race! 

 a 16km trail run - Moose Mountain
very cool race kit pick up that featured race graft from Light My Fire

It was very very wet. And off we went for 16km run. The pathways were rugged, but not difficult. 
These paths were the DRY spots. I was afraid to pull out the camera in the frigging mud bogs! 

This race was small. Intimate and AWESOME! 
This waterstation - an off-road vehicle with a big ass water jug - shows the rustic aspect of the run. 
But trail is about getting out there...I was happy to see these fellas and get a kiss from their doggie at the 8km mark! 

Close to the end I crossed some water (for about the 3rd time)
I had to stop and I stood in it to get the mud off my shoes. I had to snap a pic! 

The last couple of kilometres were hella sloppy. I was passed by a few speedy marathoners. My spirits were buoyed and I had no idea of my time as my watch was not really working out in the wilds! But as I sped up for the last kilometre I was so excited and felt so strong. I wished I could have had more speed out there - but the mud was so damn bad!! But I came whipping aorund a corner and there was the finish! 

I crossed the line at 2:29! 
And given I had been told that this 16km shoud be eone around the time of a half mara, 
I knew I did a pretty good job!
And I also knew had the trails been drier, I would have been faster! 

I felt pretty damn good!

Crystal ran the 29km - her trails were pretty clear compared to ours...

And sooo did my feet!

The next moringin I got up and a 10km race - Calgary Womens Run

I got that run in 68minutes. Was pleased given my tired legs from the day before! 

 We followed the run with the #ALSicebucketchallenge

TO watch the video (slight little wee curse at the end) click HERE
*enjoy my complete unphotogenic-ness*

oh yeh... I got a haircut ... 
And ended the month with a fun run with pals!

 and some jacking around on the trails to snap a pic...tried in vain to look #supergreat
 pretty much just looked like a #superDork

I think that this photo sums up the fun the last mile of a run with pals can be....
Or perhaps it highlights what a total goofball I am! 

Honestly...the smiles say it all. Running is good for you! 
Especially when you run into great peeps on the pathways!

Happy Running! 

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