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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Melissa's: I am IN

A few weeks ago I received a flier in the mail for Melissa’s Road Race.

It is a very popular race that sells out quickly. I decided that while I had a great race last year I would not do it again. And then I got the flier. After I tossed it out...I started thinking.

For those who know me. They know I LOOOOOVE to think and then overthink. Haha.

Then last Tuesday, registration day came. And at 6 pm after a quick chat with Crystal, I signed up.

So why the hesitation?? Let’s Back track a sec. 

Melissa’s is a very popular race in Banff National Park. Registration is capped, since it is in a national park space. A lot of Alberta runners love’s a nice time of year (though can be cool up in the mountains). It has two distances – 10km and 22km. Though in past years the longer distance has varied – due to Bears on course or aggressive moose, or construction.

In 2010, I ran the 10km. I was heavy. Probably about 2010 pounds. It was hard but I got thru it. I was just starting to do longer distances. And after running 10k in jsut under 1:25, I vowed to get in fighting shape!

 In 2011 I ran the 22km, which was shorter due to construction. GONG SHOW! I was pissy about the poorly organized water stations. Seriously handing me a communal jug of water to take a swig outta at about 12km into a race doesn’t cut the muster. you know...And on a warm day, I think there should be more than 2 water stations. It taught me to bring my OWN hydration!
There was poor directional signs and last minute changes and poor course markings it was no where near 22km. I think it might have been something like 20km. After the race, I swore I would never do it again. All this despite this race standing as a personal best. But they never adjusted thee actual distance, so I cannot say I did a half mara in under 2 hours.Cause it wasn't really a half. 

I took 2012, I broke it off with Melissa.

And then in 2013, I ran the 10km at Melissa's. I don't recall WHY I thought I would give the 10km another go. Probably because I wanted to prove to myself that I could conquer that hill. And It was GREAT. It was not a PB, but I ran it almost 20 minutes FASTER than 2010. 
Since Melissa's in September, I have not had THAT same kind of race. No. Wait. The Banff Ekiden Relay in October was that kinda race! Apparently there is something about running in Banff 

But even still I thought that if I did in 2014 I would do the 10km again...still wasn't cool with the 22km. it's not the distance, but the race organization itself.  

So on Tuesday, I clicked. I was hell. Why NOT?? Maybe it needs another chance. Aaaaannnd...the half doesnt have much for hills :-)

And...c'mon!!! This is a GORGEOUS place to run! 

And I am excited to do it. The website says 21k. So I guess we shall see how far it really is. Looking forward to next fall! 


  1. Ha I got the same reminder flyer in the mail too. I almost tossed it but stuck it up on my fridge. Sorry that you had a crap experience with Melissa's. I've had a few of those races before. 2014 will be better for you!

  2. That would be such a beautiful run! I'm just not too sure about the aggressive moose???? lol

    1. Oh if the moose are out and about an been noted as aggressive, the route is changed! ha!!

  3. Tina, I can imagine you are beaming with happiness right now. It's a great race, beautiful course, challenging hills... and most of all I know you LOVE signing up for races. Congrats on getting in at all after sitting on the fence. Good luck!

    1. The half doesn't have the hill or climbs the 10km does. Guess we shall see how we do!

  4. Exciting race addition! That pic of you in front of the clear lake is pure mountain porn. GO AWAY SNOW!!

    1. mountain porn!! love it. Running out there really is gorgeously glorious, innit??? :-)

  5. I have looked at running that race a few times... maybe next year. ;)

  6. I'd love to do this race, I've heard great things. Always interesting to hear the other side though... sounds like Lulu but not quite as bad lol.