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Monday, 17 February 2014

More Yeti Fun in Nose Hill Park

Yesterday was another Yeti Race. Had so much at the last Yeti race, I decided I had to do another

A few weeks ago the second race got cancelled due to lack of so. Can't really snowshoe on bare paths can you? So we patiently awaited the third snowshoe race. And then we got a Chinook. Temperatures soard and snow melted FAST.

So the organizers were awesome enough to send out an email telling us to bring crampons. OR if we didn't have them they would provide them for us to use.

So we get to Nose Hill Park which is a great running area - if you like to feel like you are getting off the road. You on't see many houses...and its like you are not in the city at all!

We arrive. And holy hell it's windy. So how windy you ask?

Yup windy!! As in winds gusting somewhere between 70-90 km per hour!
My friend Trevor took this vid (and those pics of ME on the blog today!) 

It was a small race, not near as spectacular as the splashy Vancouver Yeti Races are.

I like to think we might be small, but we are mighty in spirit! And we make due with what we have.

No electricity at this park. But hey...we are here to run!

My friend Tara comes to find me an I run into Lindsey
We pick up our bibs, our Hillsound Equipment  Microcrampons ...and go off brave the elements! 

 And off we go to the start! 
We are not running on any of the gravel pathways, but on the grassy areas that have snow packed trails. 

There is snow, but just not enough for the snowshoes. As we get moving in that first kilometre I notice the crampons give an AMAZING grip. As we head down into the first valley over some uneven ground and I start to get settled. My pace isn't as steady as it is on the pathways, but this is super fun, and it great to just be outside in nice nice temps. It is sitting at about 5C - but the wind makes it chilly. Glad I have my fav windbreaker on today!! We have a super steep part which lead to a skating rink. Wicked. Can you say photo opp? As we are looping around it, Tara says, let me take your pic!
Woohoo some single track...but there isn't a real path to be had as there is a lot more snow in this area.
We wind around a fair bit and begin the climb back up to get to the start area for a second loop. As we climb we loop past a wood teepee where a couple of us stop and take pics for each other!
Then we climb back up and loop around again to get to the start area to start the loop all over! 

It was a great run and a hellova workout! It was more like a trail run with a little slip and slide over some of the snowy parts. And a core workout trying to stay upright in the nasty wind gusts!
The second loop is tough going, but feels great. It's a lot of effort to slug through the snow and the climbs are tough. But I love the workout. And I love having no music. I am sorta hating the wind tho...
As we approach the finish there is a steep climb but then there is a great flat stretch to push and burn! 

Wooohooo! Afterwards we had some hot chocolate and won a few pries! I got a water bottle some chews and a buff! We had a lot of fun afterwards staying warm and got some great pics.
Oh and one of the best parts is when your pal wins 
the big prize of 15 6-packs of beer (and shares with you) ! 

Thanks to Jordan Bryden and TriIt Multisport for organizing the Calgary Yeti Races! 
He and his team have awesome spirit and have put on two great events! 

I say we need one more Yeti!!! Don't you think? 
Small race! Mighty in spirit! 


  1. You have mastered the selfie! Also, tons of great pics too. I feel like I was at the run with you. Hopefully I will be out in Calgary soon and we can meet up for a run... xo Tara

  2. Enjoyed the recap, you did a great job! Gotta go Google "crampons" I guess....

  3. Small events usually turn into my favorite. They just seem more laid back and have a fun spirit to them. Glad you survived the crazy wind!

  4. You have pretty pictures!!! Love them! :) Awesome job! :)