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Monday, 24 February 2014

Run Pretty Far: One of My Favs!

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is me gushing about one of my FAV brands! 
I do hope you will indulge me for a moment ...

A few years ago when I began running in earnest (as in more than once a week or when it was nice out), a friend told me about this small American company she discovered. She showed me a couple shirts she had ordered. They were sooo cute. So I tried her tops on for size and promptly ordered a couple for myself.

And when my first shipment came from Run Pretty Far was wrapped perfectly in tissue with the cutest tag... I recall it was some of the text from 'somewhere over the rainbow' on a beautiful card. Wow!  "A thoughtful company", I said to myself. "This woman is doing something she loves". And from that point I was hooked.

I guess a little about Run Pretty Far  is in order. It is a fab brand from Washington State that sells women's apparel and accessories. Creator Jennifer Hughes is an ultra runner and the brainchild behind the company. It is her baby. And, once you receive an order from her, or speak to her, you KNOW that this is her PASSION. I like that. A Lot.

RPF has some fitted and some relaxed fits. Whatever shirt you're looking for, Jenn has. They are BRIGHT, SASSY. I fell in love with the vibrancy and the fun words (and fonts) that really speak to me. I actually find the clothing to be super motivational!
'Love the Run' was one of my first purchases...and is no longer available. Maybe if enough of us ask nice, she would re-visit the design. I love the fit, feel and colour. I have worn it for several halfmaras and a marathon. No chafe. EVER.  

I have to say that whenever I wear a RPF shirt, I am almost always asked where did you get that from. I think the record is 10 asks in one half mara last summer!  It gives me a lift when I hear a shout out on the trail or path: "love your shirt"!  
'Run' and 'Eat More Cake' are also oldies but goodies! 
And last year's limited St Paddy's edition I wear to run or to drink! 

The only warning I have for you is if you see something and love it...ORDER IT.
 If you usually sells out. Being a smaller company, she doesn't  always have a TON of stock. So you need to act fast. I missed out on this year's St Paddy shirt cause I was snoozin! She sold out of my size in the colour i want! lol - That's ok cause next month she will prob introduce something else I will covet! 

Speaking of drinking - RPF just came out with an homage to wine - I had to snatch it right up. 
Since wine and running kind of go together for me! (oh...they have one for BEER, too!)

For me the devil is in the details. 
I think that in the couple years I have had this one notices the moustache.
Until I point it out! And. I love the words that are the pattern.

It's those little words that you might miss if you don't look closely. 
Like those that are on the 'Sun Rise n Run ' shirt or the 'Mountains for Breakfast trail scarf (buff).

Most of all I find RPF gear fun to wear. It makes me feel good and smile.


 I know I do go on...but I think it's fabulous that there's always a story behind a collection
For example, the 'Winter Blossom' long sleeve takes its inspiration from a Georgia O'Keeffe quote:
“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – 
and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” 

That quote speaks volumes. THAT is what keeps bringing me back to RPF over and over. I like wearing something meaningful. Another cool thing Jenn is doing this year is bringing back old this 'Dark before Dawn' shirt. I have not run in it but wear it after a workout...and when watching football apparently (notice my homage to Seattle, Washington - eh)! It is butter soft and so comfy.
I like to think that Jenn designs for herself 
and just shares with the rest of the world. 

And the great thing is it means something different for everyone: Suck It Up Buttercup!

Thanks for letting me go on (and on) about this small independent company. The look and feel of the products combined with amazing customer service really makes it a favourite brand. I would have way more stuff if I could afford it! And, as some of my run pals will tell you, I do tug their ear about Run Pretty Far!

Got a question about fit? Ask! Jenn will answer. Best of all the prices are affordable (even if you are on a budget) and shipping is also a great deal.  Go and check em out for yourself. And maybe one day I will get my butt down to her neck of the woods and be able to meet her! 

Fun Stuff 
Run Pretty Far can be found on twitter, facebook and the web
Check them out! It's one FAB company! 

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  1. i love great independents, and supporting them!

    1. Totally!! AN the bonus is that you have a great shirt or product that NOT that many others have...cause it isn't avail EVERYWHERE!

  2. These are pretty cool! I should check them out!

  3. Wow, these are super cute and so unique! Which I love because not many people will have them!

  4. Love them all! Have been eyeing this brand for a few years but have never made the leap. Maybe I should!

    1. yes you should!!! so much fabby. :-)

  5. Cool! I will have to check them out. I also agree with your reply to someone is that it is nice that they aren't available everywhere. Nice to be different. Tks for sharing!