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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: But I don't wanna ...

The past two weeks have been a bit of a shambles. Haven't felt like running much. Has a abjectly shitTAY run...4 days later broke out in shingles (really really awesome for those of you who have not had the JOY), struggled thru exhaustion and joint pain and nerve pain and managed a few runs, and more than a few walks.

Went home for Thanksgiving, and stayed here for most of the week as my Uncle passed away. Have had a wonderful time with my family...and remembered how great my fam really is. And how blessed it is to be surrounded by love and good memories.

AMidst all this I am so so READY to get home. Am super excited for this weekend to be running with the #littlebloggybluebirds in this weekend's Banff Ekiden Relay!! And get back atter.

And this picture (taken during a 2012 halfmara - conditions were umm - less than optimal) sort of sums up the thoughts I have had this week about running, getting up, gettin er done or exercising!

Happy Running Folks!
Whatcha upto this weekend??

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