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Sunday, 13 October 2013

rerun: Hooray for my Running Sisterhood!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in in regards to being thankful...I thought I would revisit a blog post I felt really speaks to what I am thankful for. 

Health and the ability to get out and joy the sleet, sun, snow when I RN. or beautiful blue skies...and the many wonderful friends and family....

This blog ORIGINALLY appeared on Chick'd Athletic Apparel as an Ambassador Guest Blog.
I loved it...and wanted to share with all my bloggie followers...
When I get DOWN about a run, I just have to check out some of my pics
and am reminded of a whole lotta laughs and good times!
In the past few years I have been on a journey for me.  It’s been a fitness journey which turned into a journey of self-discovery. The past few years have been difficult on many levels – personally, professionally. And I have been terribly sad.  But in taking up running, I rediscovered joy. And found passion and meaning and purpose. Yes! Running is a joy.  I love feeling fit, being toned and best of all, being able to eat a few GUILT FREE meals. But I discovered that the best part of running, the thing that really keeps me hooked is the sisterhood!

I have met some amazing women in the past few years. Many of them are new acquaintances. I have re-established old friendships, and feel very lucky to have met some very special women with whom I have bonded with over a lotta runs – long and short. I have forged some amazing friendships on those training runs.

At first in a few of my running classes, we all started looking nervously at each other. Wondering if we could keep up, or really questioning what we signed up for. And then the run began. And we just ran. Every week showed up and did it all over again.

These classes introduced me to some fabulous people, who in turn introduced me to other groups of runners, got me blogging, and really have kept me moving!  And through this journey I have even met some of my sisters online. Tweet-ups have turned into solid friendships. Some of my running friendships are solely online. We run, and email each other and chat after…new age pen pals!

This past year, I finally met a few women who run my pace. This excites me….no more long runs all alone! Running is a solitaire sport, though, you say. Well, sometimes it is better to run in a group. And even better if we all naturally run the same speed. And so some meet-ups were born.

We run when we can. Quickie runch breaks (run+lunch…haha get it?), long runs early on Saturday or Sundays before kids wake or before heading to work. When you’re running at 7a.m. with no makeup, hair any which way as long as it’s out of your face, and you begin to, then any topic is fair game.  Sometimes you talk. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes we stop and hug, even cry. Sometimes after 16km, you feel vulnerable and exposed. And, sometimes you feel that way before you run one mile!! We can be silly, laugh, take pictures, and just be.

It’s funny, for a few years I mostly ran alone with music.  Now I have regular meetups and we talk children, husbands, boyfriends, breakups, make-ups, politics, sex, careers, races, and weather – anything and everything.  Running with my friends – new and old – has provided me with a lot of great advice and unconditional love and support.  We have never discussed it, but I guess we all know it: what is said on a run, stays on the run. (Is that a running cone of silence? Ha!)

And yes I still run alone, music blaring, feet pounding. But man, I love my girls. And I love what they mean to me. Nothing is more awesome than going for a run and running into a fellow sister on the pathway. Or Meeting up before a race, running, then having a coffee and catch up afterwards.

Running has changed my life. It’s made me reflect and be thankful for some diverse amazing women who have influenced me. I am truly blessed to have forged friendships and contacts near and far.

And, for that, I can thank my sisters.

Do you have sistas you love to run with? Near OR Far?

Do they keep you motivated, show you the way and sometimes save the day? 

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