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Monday, 7 October 2013

Fall in LOVE with Autumn...a pictorial

Sunday despite feeling so tired and physically exhausted  from my halfmara...decided to head to to the maintains for a hike....first stop...a jaunt to one of my favourite places in Banff National Park...

Moraine Lake 
It's magnificent from the entry we decided to walk around to the end of the pathway...Think it was a couple kilometres. We had to take that choice as the Bear warnings were up for the Larche Valley hike. Not enough people to go...damn!

Still...I love this area. I really love the logs...there is a huge pile of them
...and many of them line the perimetre of the lake....

And then we trn around to come back....lovely to see the lake from another angle! 

The clarity of the glacial water is amazing! 

Too short...and so then we go off to find less people and another interesting view...

Which lead us to a hike up to Silverton Falls...

Silverton Falls is a fairly unknown waterfall near Castle Mountain at Banff National Park. It was nice to only see a couple cars at the car park,
especially when so many lots are full and pathways crowded.

It was a short, mere 0.7km (each way), route. And, with no bear alert signs, perhaps an uneventful hike.

The trails were completely unmarked trails we passed others coming up the trail that we realized we took the WRONG fork (we realized this on the way back to the car park).

We missed taking the correct turn and scrambled up a steep rocky area to get back to the path to take us up the switchback path, the exposed landslip section to end at an overlook of the top two tiers of Silverton Falls.

There were a couple more tiers but just couldnt get a good shot! It was pretty rugged terrain. AWESOME.
There were a couple more tiers but just couldn't get a good shot! 
It was pretty rugged terrain.

A close up of the top of the falls...

And the bottom....

Then as we hiked back down the sky brightened a little bit and 
we could see the mountain over the way! 

 The view on the way down... Spectacular! 

And then onto....Johnston Canyon Trail up to the Upper Falls.

 No Bear Alerts here! 

The pathways lead us along, beside, above and beside some lovely views....Its like a series of catwalks along the walls of the canyon. I haven't come to this area much as it is overcrowded. The trails are paved and there are lots of hand rails. But today was quiet and a LOT less people.

Maybe because it was rather late in the day too.
There are cabins at the base...I SO wanna come back and stay!

So many much greenery! So beautiful! 
Wanted to go a few kilometres more up the trail to the Ink Pots...but my feet were very unhappy and called it quits for the day. Now I am super sad I didn't push on. 

Oh well I can go back for more! Even better...There are cabins at the base...I SO wanna come back and stay! Just not at high season.

There you have it in some lovely photos...a reason to LOVE AUTUMN colors! 

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