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Monday, 14 October 2013

#littlebloggybluebirds hit Banff Eikiden

Check out the AWESOME logo Cori designed!! 

This weekend Cori, Michelle, Leana and I are running a marathon.

A relay! 5 legs! 4 #littlebloggybluebirds burning up the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Banff Ekiden Here We Come!

I am pretty sure they are all excited as me about this awesome adventure we are to undertake!

We have matching sparkly skirts, schwings, headbands, socks...oh yes FASHION meet FUNCTION.

This is gonna rock...and finally we will all be together to actually get photos together!

 We all have photos with each other at various events, runs, run-ins...but not one group shot of the 4 of us. You will not be able to contain yourselves one those hit the twittervesrse, let me tell you!!

Ekiden (駅伝) is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race, typically on roads.

So what is the Banff Ekiden? It is 5 legs that add up to 42.2km! The each leg of the relay starts and finishes at the top of the Banff Centre at Tunnel Mountain Drive. All 5 legs finish with a steep hill climb!Given we ARE in the mountains, it makes sense. It's gonna be a good challenge and HEAPS of fun. Cori is starting us off with Leg 1 (7.8km), Michelle will tear up Leg 2 (13km), I am taking on Leg 3 (4.3km) and Leg 4 (5.4km), and Leana will burn it up coming home on Leg 5 (11.7 km).

I am so excited to be running with these FABULOUS ladies. It is gonna be a FUN day to tear up a marathon course. And, look fiiiine while getting the run on! Plus the autumn scenery is going to be great. Banff National Park is rather spectacular! So excited says the #runnerd.

Have you done a relay? 
What's your favourite memory of the relay? 

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