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Tuesday 1 May 2012

May First. The First of May. May Day

Oh yes. May First. 
The First of May. 
May Day

Put your hands together and thank my mother (and my grandmother, too) for teaching me the following little ditty:

"Hooray hooray, the first of May.
Outdoor screwing begins today!"

Every year, for as long as I can remember, she would bop around the house, or call me, or leave a message on my answering machine.  Without fail. Then she would have to call me back the very next day to wish me a Happy Birthday. Too funny!

Note: For those of you who have never met my mum, she is a 65-year old version of her lovely daughter. Or am I a 43-year old version of her? Whatever.  She is a veritable combo of Martha Stewart, Ruby Wax, Eddie Izzard and Jennifer Saunders (the comedic foible of the wonderful Dawn French). Yes. I am not lying. Not a bit. OK maybe its a stretch to say she's like Izzard.

I certainly know that my readership (all 5 of you!) is largely composed of persons with refined sensibilities. I hope none of me beloved readers are in any way offended. Oh puleese. What am I saying? You will all laugh! There is no shame in delighting in such a ditty. And, if by chance, you are offended or need to repent…there is confession.  

Get out the flowers. Skip. Dance around the May Pole. Yeeh, there is a May Pole. (no smart ass comments from the Peanut Gallery.) Yeeh, there is a May Pole. I am NOT being dirty. It's a real festival OKAY?

Being a Canadian, I totally understand why the beginning of spring is such a big deal. Winter tends to send people a bit mad. 
Of course the ENGLISH came up with this holiday...and they know a thing or two about being mad.

That's rather chilly to being pursuing such outdoor endeavours. We still have snow on the ground, and Mother Nature insists on sending more snow our way.

What are you STILL doing inside??
Enjoy the outdoors!

1 comment:

  1. Where I grew up we have something for May Day called "May baskets." You fill a basket with treats, leave it at the doorstep of someone you love, ring the doorbell and run away before they can see who it's from. I was so disappointed when I moved and found out that NO ONE else knew what a may basket was! Although, maybe you'll be disappointed that I never knew that little rhyme about screwing...