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Monday, 7 May 2012

And just when you think its all fab...

The day after my Spr-inter time run, I get up to do my last big run of the month before the Marathon.

My legs and hip ache. I know something is u. I am certain i cannot do the 23 km run. Worried. Stewing.

I start and I know i am not there. Whinge. Pout. Pain. Brain flooding with, "A marathon? A bit of a lofty idea. Told you you were too ambitious". AAACK.

And I hit 5k (less than 500 metres from a bathroom) and off to the bushes i go. AGAIN??? I just did this yesterday. Dammit. Only it's way worse than Saturday's run. Ah...chinese at my sisters for my birthday dinner. I KNOW better.

Anyway I get done that debaucle, and get to the bathroom and go AGAIN. And start crying. Alone in the stall. This sucks.

I come out wash my face. And try to continue. I start to walk back home. Then decide to stop being an ass and get back out there. And I am SO sorry to my running partner for being a soggy mess.

Finally at 6k mark it feels good. And i go great guns the rest of the way  before packing in at about 14km. Sad, disappointed and certain this means I will shit the bed in the Marathon.

I get back to the Running Room Store and burst into tears where my instructor says. Good. It's better to have a shit run now than in 3 weeks. Go home. And get back here for training Tuesday. It will be better. And go get some work done on your hips and glutes this week.

And so I arrive home. Snotty Nose Wiped. Nose Blown. Eyes Dried. Nose Breathe. Bath Drawn.

Ah....and so i wake up today. Active Release Therapy this morning. Lunch with a wonderful friend. And a coffee. Now just about to jet off to teach a learn to run 5k class.

So now I may not finish in my initial projected time, but I AM going to enjoy the run. 10 and 1s.

Snotty Nose Wiped. Nose Blown. Eyes Dried. Nose Breathe. Bath Drawn.

This is a test of endurance. I have done this test in plenty of training runs. I will show up and do it. And look fabulous. And try my best to remember to smile when I see a camera posted every few kilometres. In the meantime, I have 3 weeks to chill the #@#% out.

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