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Monday, 21 May 2012

Less than a Week ... the Marathon looms

Yesterday i received a note in my inbox from Calgary Marathon. Reminding me (as IF i need a reminder) that the Countdown is on.

One week until the 48th annual Scotiabank Calgary Marathon
In one week from now, you will be basking in the glow of your accomplishment on Sunday, May 27.  The organizing team hopes that you are resting up and getting prepared both mentally and physically for race day. We look forward to seeing you at the Health and Wellness Expo and Race Package Pickup on May 24 – 26th and at the start line on Sunday, May 27.
Basking in the Glow. This is a GOOD visual. I need that visual. I am worried I will be more like panting and in desperate need of a beer, and no one i know will be there waiting for me. HAHA.  And that someone will be holding THIS sign...
This past week I have really taken it easy. Translation. I have hardly run. My Sacroiliac pains me. I need to rest to make it through this BIG epic run. And I have been nervous. 

OMG! A Marathon? What was I thinking??? Is everyone nervous? I am excited, nervous, not sure what to think. But I have to know and believe that the last several months have got me to where I am today (anyone wanna cue Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" at this point??)

So to combat the nervousness, and to remind of me of last weeks EPIC (and FABULOUS) run, I took some time to look up motivation. To read. To see photos. To remind me of what I am doing. Where I have come from. 

And I saw THIS:
And I hope it makes all of you (my scant few readers) nod and smile. My heart whispered: "Believe in yourself". Funny how a silly image speaks volumes.

And then I saw this. I laughed out loud.
Then This. 
Maybe Calgary Marathon is right. There may be some basking in the glow. And sweating. And (dear god, lease let there be a beer waiting). After all, its just a run. A LONG one. So chill the #$%@#$% out, Tina.
SO all jokes aside, I have set aside a few minutes a few times this past week, to Visualize, Do Affirmations and Block the Negative

I picture myself as the runner I wish to be. I remind myself of how last week's run went. Or how it felt when I did my big training runs of 26, 30, 32 and 38 kms. Then I have tried to picture myself running the actual race. Visualizing ME at certain mile markers. (Is it odd that even I have visualized myself looking nice for the cameras out there...i wanna SPARKLE!!!) Oh i HAVE got a couple outfits all ready planned. But I wont lay them out till Saturday night. 

Even though I am not really an affirmation person, I have reminded myself I AM a runner. A marathon runner, I've even put an affirmation and some inspiring quotes somewhere you will see it every day like on your desk or bathroom mirror.

I love that my yurbuds came with a couple motivational cards. I have even work my awesome INSPIRE yurbuds shirt around the house. INSPIRE is the message. "Don't wait for inspiration to come find you. Become it."

I know that sometimes I let the negative creep in. I have been trying to stop "fatty voice" cold in her tracks. Everytime i hear the negative, I tell myself the opposite. So I took the last week off to recoup. I have BEEN TRAINING WITH EARNEST FOR THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS! If I am tired during a run, I tell myself "good job" or "stay strong"!  By telling yourself the opposite, I'm hoping to divert my focus from the negative to the positive. A few weeks ago I yelled "shut up" to the fatty voice while out on the trails. The guy running by me at the time must have thought me a nutter!

One thing I found in my week of surfing motivation and inspirational images, I read several times that it's common to lack motivation. 
Its hard not to be discouraged when you to miss a run, a few runs, or even a week or more of runs.  Sometimes life events divert the focus from training. Just pick up. dust off and get back on with it. I found several places on the net that reminded me of a few things to do to not let stop you from achieving your goal! The pointers I liked best were: 
  • Think of supporters cheering you on as you run with ease through the marathon
  • Think about how amazing crossing the finish line feels (or will feel)
  • Think about how awesome it will be AFTER you cross the line an can reflect (beer in hand) on what you have just accomplished.
  •  Surround yourself with positive, motivating things.
  •  Think of all the things (every small run, every long run, every conversation with a friend) that has got you to the place you are right now. Remember that.
  • Think about why you set this monster goal for yourself. Visualize yourself enjoying all the benefits you expect to have once you accomplish your goal.  
And here is Running movies!  Run Fatboy Run is a favourite of mine. Which ones do you like? Chariots of Fire puts me to sleep, but also Prefontain, Saint Ralph, and Running Brave are good ones.

And the last of my motivational Dr Seuss to come up with brilliance that I am going to use to start the day every day this week:

Ah! 5 more sleeps. Now to harness the butterflies!

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