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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Volunteering - Okanagan Mara Weekend

In Kelowna. Got in late last night...9 or 10 pm. So dark!
Crawl into bed. We have to volunteer in the morning!

First thing in the morning i get up! OMG what should i wear...
I ask FB and twitterverse. 
So first thing in the morning Chantelle and I get up to eat a yummy breakie and then head out to volunteer for the 5km/10km race waterstation. 
Seen in a local coffe shop! So cool...
Instead of the friendship run we chose to give some time up volunteering. 

Keeerist wish we woulda had pics of the waterstation. Only 3 of us had ever volunteered at a run before. The same three had run before. Everyone else knew nothing NOTHING about a race. Where to stand how to hand out water. 

Here we were yelling at people, "Get out of the way!" "Don't step in front of runners!" 

Hysterical if not so brutal!It was a tad comical. And then there was was this one volunteer. LEt's call her Martha. She had a ciggie in one hand and a vodka and OJ in the other. Ok. I excaggerate a tad. But barely. 

When she found out Chan was walking the halfmara and I was running it, she yelling, "Shiiiit! That's just crazy far. Seriously???" I tried not to choke on my laughter. 

After the waterstation gig we spent two more hours working on the computers to help register runners. A lot less humorous, as the age bracket was 65+. I think they raided the seniors centre to get volunteers. Man some of those volunteers were crotchety. Stay outta their way! Then we wandered around the run expo for a flash...took funny pics, posed with John Stanton, Founder of the Running Room! All good fun. 


Off to bed...set out everything!!! yup. Good to Go! 
Checked out route. One peek at the finish area!

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