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Friday, 16 November 2012

Last Chance Half

I guess its something about numbers this year.

November 11, I ran my 11th half marathon. The Last Chance Half Marathon...nice name especially since it really is the last long run we can do her in Alberta...

Holy cow! With the winter that had set in early here, I have to say I was struggling with the desire.

Especially when I woke up and checked out the FREAKING temperature. might be unCanadian to bitch about the temperatures.

Oh but it's cooooooooooooooooooooold!

So she picks me up and we are ready to go. But we stay inside until the last second...gotta keep those engines warm.

But as my pal Sherrey says, you gotta get off your ass. You'll be happy you did! She is a regular ass kicker and motivator...and someone who i chase. She can run a Marathon in close to 4 hours. I cannot. I aspire to run alongside this crazy woman!!

And then we are at the starting line!!!

It was a slippery mess. The first half went well. I had a great time. Pace was decent. but with the temperatures in the -10 Celsius range it was HARD to keep warm, then not be too cold. And of course drinking ice insteadof water at the aid station sucks.

The second half was difficult. I will admit to maybe not being trained up enough. I lost my pace, my concentration, my drive for a moment.

But I got back in the last 6 km i battled back and gained momentum. Not my best time, but I was proud of the miles and the ability to keep going.

Afterwards a great breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, cran juice...and hot chocholate....mmmm...I spent an hour in the tub. Then needed a moment of rest so my hydration choices (both of them) came for a wee nap,

I figured that 11 halfs deserved a we celebration! Then we nap. Winter does that to ya sometimes.

Then a few hours later Sherrey called and said lets go get a coffee!!! So off we went. For coffee and some laughs.

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