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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The race i DIDN'T win!

run like a pirate!
Oct 27

HELLS yeh.

Plus it benefits a wicked charity - KidSport!

It might be -10Celcius. But we can dress like a pirate and look fiiine! ARRRRGH! Mateys watch out.

It promises to be a great race. I have pee'd. I am good to go. I look rough and ready!

Do you notice what is missing on me?  Yes, yes that's it! My bib.

And heres where the story gets interesting.

So I start running, and realize where the HELL is my bib. crap i lost it. WEll i keep running and actually despite the snow and icy conditions have a HELL of a race.

Come across in under 65 minutes. Good for me! And great for the ice we slipping on.

Then I keep seeing people who are ready to high5 me and saying great run! a PB!!! wooooot.

I am think nooooo 63 minutes a my best time. But still Thanks...yup I feel good. And i race off to the bathroom to hunt out my missing SPIbelt  - and bib and iPhone!!! no i cannot find it! eek.
Then i decide to give up and maybe someone turned it in. Just as I am getting my food, I go into my backpack to grab my water bottle. THERE is the missing belt, bib and phone! oh thank goodness.

And then two seconds later they start announcing prizes...and I am announced the WINNER for the 40 year old age group.
I cant place or win, I couldn't even have an official time. I didn't run with a bib.. WTH?????

I shake my head, everyone is calling me up. I was SO red faced. All I could think was that wow. I just ripped someone off of a rightful prize.

So i go up front. And say No. This is a mistake. I can't have an official time, as many of you know I didnt run with my bib on, so it wasn't me who got that nice 55 minute winning time. It was my pal Trevor, who when he snapped pics of the race start  and finish and triggered the timer and it was HE then who ultimately won. By the way, Trevor does NOT run, so it was all very comical! 

In the end, the rightful winner is announced, everyone has a great time, and we all laugh hysterically.

yup. The race I didn't win indeed.

But yes. By next summer I expect to have that 55 minute time. you betcha!!

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