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Friday, 12 October 2012

Okanagan Mara Recap

And so it begins. My 10th halfmara of the year....

 The temps are at least 10 degrees warmer than home. AWESOME!!
What a great bunch of peeps to run with. Lots of people in that 2:15 group. yes ambitious...but i need to PUSH!

SEems to ge well...hard to stay with the group after 7km though. I hit my 10km mark at about 65 minutes. Which should mean i am on track. But why oh why do i slow down in that last haf....boooooo.

I bring er in at 2:25 and 10 freaking seconds. Shit. Missed a PB by a few seconds. HA! Still a valient effort. It felt great running. LOVED it! It was a damn fine race one of my better times

 After the race do you pee first or eat???

And the part! 

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