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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Will Run for Cupcakes

It's no secret I love cupcakes! So when some of my favourite people put on an amazingly fun spring run (ummm with cupcakes at the finish) you KNOW I am gonna be there. 

I actually signed up last minute for the race...and went into Tri-It to do it the day before the race. Long story...but essentially I tried to register online a few times and (thank you computer gremlins) my computer crashed. Then my credit card was hacked. The world was conspiring. So I went in in person to fill up with some runlove and kombucha (Tri-It has it on tap -- yaaaaas) and register for the race. They had the store decorated and even VD-grinchy Tina got in the sappy mooasd!
I immediately went home with a spring in my step and picked out the outfit. 
Which had cupcakes and running theme. WHODA THUNK. 
I had to work work my regular late shift, but the race didn't start til later, so that meant i didn't have to get up too early when I wouldn't even arrive home until midnight. WHEW. 

I set 3 alarms and then fell asleep. I woke up and thought I had plenty of time. Then realized i was sauntering and the race started an hour earlier than I thought. Now, I live less than a 15 minute drive from the store, so thankfully I still arrived 35 minutes before the gun went off. Oh boy....
I sat in my car. Gave myself a peptalk, Drank some Nuun and tossed back some Energybits. I did some deep breathing and just reminded myself that I was there to have FUN. Not race. and to just relax. I have been so tired and so physically spent from working 2-1130 that I am just sort of not functioning properly. Yes it is a job. Yes, I am grateful. But I have not been happy happy happy. I have been overwhelmed with anxiety and doubts. And, a whole lotta meh
SO today i put on an outfit i love. went to run with peeps who i adore, who adore me.
Surround myself with love and use that to move! I ran, had a couple of walk breaks. I had a couple of moments where doubt crept in, but I stayed focused enought to say to myself YOU CAN....get moving!!! Essentially did what I wanted to do. Got my sweat on and got er done.
It was nice to see some of my wonderful friends at the finish, and my fab friend Dawn snapped this pic. As you can see it was brisk...chilly but still above average temps for this time of year. I felt so happy finishing. And then realized I really was only 4 minutes off my personal best in the 5mile distance. Even more smiles. Because I needed this. I really, really needed the run, the fun and some laughs as I got inside the store to enjoy the Valentine treats! 
And the treats?? Oh my! so delish
Vegan cupcakes....who knew! They were amazing! 
One of the best parts of the day was running into Leana
We had a great little chat and it capped of a great morning of remembering why I run, the great people I have met and to never ever forget that all that is really #allthefab, Because for me is all about the experience and the feeling of accomplishment - not really a time. 

For now, I just needed to know YES I CAN! 

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