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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Giveaway: Win some Premier Protein®

I received some free product from Premier Protein and the opportunity to provide this giveaway. 
The opinions are my own. 

I am not a vegetarian, but I sometimes feel I do not have enough protein in my diet. Especially after I run. I do love me a smoothie, but sometimes bringing one with you  isn't all the easy or convenient. so enter the offer to try a (new to me) protein shake product - from Premier Protein! 

Why is protein so important? We kind of all know the scoop here! In short, protein boosts your energy, helps repair muscles after a workout and can help curb hunger by making you feel fuller for longer.

I was asked to try Premier Protein shakes. To be honest, I kind of felt really hesitant after I said I would try em. I mean...I hate some protein powders, and I am sort of super picky. But, I said I would try, share my opinion. So I needed to have an open mind. 

I was told Premier Protein shakes are ideal for breakfast on the go, a snack, or a post-workout boost. Sooooo, the other morning after receiving my package of shakes I thought...OK today is a perfect day to try this product. I am off to meet a friend at the gym - he is going to show me how the heck he runs all the miles on the treadmill. So, since I wont get home for at least an hour after the workout, I should have some portable protein. 
So I packed up my bag and off I went....
My pal Ryan is amping up his mileage while trying to lose weight. He was concerned about the calories. I maintain that after an hour of running, this little fella isn't at all bad for you. As a newbie runner to longer distance, he is jsut learning to balance what he eats. And, it can be hard sometimes. 

So the shake deets: Each Premier Protein shake is low fat, with 30g of protein, and contains 160 calories with only 1g of sugar. They are gluten free, have 24 vitamins and minerals with no artificial colours. Honestly after over an hour of some hard slogging on the treaddy...I was deff, I o ready to try it. And, I asked Ryan to drink up, too! 
And then ..... we looked at each other and said...holy cow! These taste GREAT. Honestly, I didn't expect that. The new vanilla ones taste quite yummy. can get em at Costco stores in Canada. Right now they are only available until April 3rd. But the other two flavours - Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream have been available for quite some time at Costco.

Premier Protein also provided me with a recipe to try, which is delish. It does taste rather like a muffin - handy with only 4 ingredients, too. I also recommend making it with a frozen banana and leaving out the ice cubes. If you are like me, experiment with your fruit! 
I must also admit that in having a post workout coffee, I decided to try out the vanilla shake in my coffee instead of cream or milk. I mean...If was trying the drink anyways....hmmmm. And it made my boring iced coffee very latte-ish!! Score!!! Truthfully - I am glad I tried this. It tasted great and is perfect for road trips or taking it with you if you are in a bit of a rush for a quick boost. 
So wanna try some Premier Protein?? 
Win an 18-pack of Premier Protein® shakes! 
5 winners. Canada only. 


  1. Awesome review. I love these shakes!

  2. Love the idea of adding it to coffee - I've tried with powder before but this would definitely mix better!

  3. I usually get my protein from my usual diet, but also with Vega sport (chocolate mint) bars

  4. I usually get my protein from my usual diet, but also with Vega sport (chocolate mint) bars

  5. I get my protein from the foods i eat but would love to try this!


  6. Sounds interesting. Is it vegan?

  7. I get my protein from meats and sometimes from protein shakes

  8. I get protein from protein shakes