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Friday, 26 February 2016

FABFRIDAY: Get the FUNK out!

Getting a hitch in your giddyup sucks. Sometimes a run funk happens with injury or sickness or life change or weather.
I have had a wee bit of trouble with winter funk. Perhaps my job loss plays a part...but I just cannot be pooped all the time and am tired of feeling like a sad sack. So, thank you to my pals who have taken time out in the last few weeks to encourage me and keep me accountable in my running.

It is the kindness of friends (and even the smile from a stranger) that has been so meaningful in the past few months. I have had a brutal schedule for work making me miss most run groups I could join in on. Luckily, I have had a few major meetups that have been life savers!

Just hanging out and laughing and being silly helps. A LOT! 
 And, well, so does running!! DOH! 
Never underestimate the power of laughter
Hydrating with pals also helps! It does a body good (and the mind too)....
All that in combination has made MY runs a little smoother. 
Or made it easier to get OUT the door!
I am not running as well as I was 6 months ago, but i am still running. I am struggling with constant hip and back and leg pain from standing on concrete for 8+ hours at a time...time to bust out compression socks for the win, you think?? I am running. I just need to continue to battle the constant exhaustion and get my mileage back up and keep on keepin on! All together it will lead to a heap of #runhappy! I know it. One Step at a Time. 

Friends make it all better! 
It is friends  who send you a hello...hihowareya that help! 

Make sure you smile and say hello to someone today

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