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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#RunYYC: Calgary Mara Fun & Medal Reveal

As many of you all know, (well my few lovely readers do that is) I am registered for the Calgary Marathon's HalfMarathon.

This is gonna be my 36th half ... and I am excited.

For the most part, (with the exception of the nasty ass flu that put me down for well over a week) my training has gone well. I have just under 5 weeks to go and am feeling great about it.

Not sure I will kill a personal best - but I am CERTAIN I am going to have fun and make the most of a great weekend of awesomeness.

I was feeling so great that I decided to add a little challenge to the halfmara madness.

I decided to run the 5k race, too. On the same day. After I am done the half. 
Yes, the one that starts about 5 hours after said halfmara. 
I shall bring a change of clothes and stretch and then go out and be FAB!
I heard the Jenny was doing it, so I was mulling it over. 
Then when Susan said she was doing it....well ---> HELLO FOMO

I knew that then I HAD to take part in all the fabulous! 
And, well, then I get two medals. What's not to like?

so .... speaking of medals
I KNOW you are dying to check em out. In case you didn't see the tweets at tonight's launch...may I present some FAB eye candy for you all:
 The Shirts! 
 Need another look??
 Aaaaand #allthebling 
Who's with me in saying they look pretty awesome!!
Mountains in 3D? 
I will be taking home these BEAUTIES!
Halfmarathon followed by the 5km!
What distance are you running on May 31st? The 50k, the mara, the half, 10k or 5k?
How's your training going? 
Are you excited? See you at the expo - and hopefully at the race!! 


  1. That was some quick posting! I love the medals, they are just awesome and BIG!