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Friday 24 April 2015


I have said it before ... seek out what makes you happy.

Running, by all means, does that for me. But, sometimes, not just the run, but the social aspect, or the friendship aspect, or the fun pre-race and post-race aspect is what also makes me happy.

Having a bit of a retrospective week this week - being sick and all. No running. No breathing. I am trying to visualize upcoming runs. Deep breathe and relaaaaxxx. I hope to get out for a bit tonight. And this weekend. And, looking at my happy pics makes me less PANICY about missing a whole week of running.

I love that when I run (or walk or drive) I sometimes see signs. They make me smile. Sometimes I am lucky enough to snap a pic, if the timing is right. You have all seen my signature #signSelfie!
I like to look for the beauty or the unusual or the quirk on my runs, or when I walk to work. 
They give me a little lift - sometimes just what is needed at that very moment.

Sometimes when I am about to start a run - or finish a run -- I look at my wrist and see a message. 
I LOVE signs on the run - interpret however you like - if it makes me double take, I stop and snap.
They can be art.
Or graffiti -- Hey, whatever lifts you!
Nature is a clear sign - a message of beauty. And a the best way to unwind is a run outdoors. 

I am lucky to live near the river pathways - walking or running along them means great sights. 
I love running in new places, too. Exploring cities and nature is the BEST! 
And, am super lucky that I am close to the mountains - less than an hour's drive
 and I am surrounded by beauty. 
Races, running, hiking. A walk through the familiar or the new. 
I love it when I finish a run and can chill with a view!
You have to stop and take in the moment. 

Hope you liked a few of my 'signs' and that they made you smile! I often use #seenonmyrun when I post to InstaGram, so look for may more to come.

Do you have a fave place to run?
Are there some great signs/art/sights in your neighbourhood?


  1. I wondered what happened to the crocodile under the bridge, clearly the orange monster ate it...

  2. I do enjoy your #seenonmyrun insta posts! :)