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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Getting the runs in

There is never enough time in the day. You constantly hear people saying how busy they are. Look on social media and there are apparently a LOT of "busy" peeps demonstrating just how
hectic their lives are. Look at me being so busy! Not Judging. Because I'm one of those busy people.

Make Time. Create Space.
This past weekend, I had all intentions of getting at least two long runs in. I was away with my sister and we were  chillaxing in Canmore, a great mountain town. Her boys are 2 and 8. And VERY BUSY. Seriously - hats off to all you parents out there - kiddos are exhausting! And, a lot of fun.

Anyhooooo, I don't see my sister enough, and she does take time to exercise and is in great shape. But she said - can't you just take a day or two off? You are always running. Spend time with us. Point taken. Soooo...I ran less. Walked more, had some wine, ice cream, ran outside chasing some very busy boys. I relaxed, chilled out and feel refreshed to take on the rest of April and May.

And as my friend Susan so wisely put it. "I am tired of beating myself up if I a miss a training run." Truth!

Now, I am not saying go and sit on yer arse and eat all the crisps/cookies/ice cream in sight. I am saying make time. Make time for the IMPORTANT stuff.

I got home after a big full weekend away and got my run gear on and went out for a nice 10+km trail run. Then decided as I drove home that I still wanted to run. Changed shoes and went out for another hour. I am lucky I can do that. I live alone. I often forgo cleaning laundry to get in a run.

Yup. I feel refreshed from my Easter weekend away (hey - only ate ONE kinder easter egg), I am looking forward at the weeks ahead.

BUT. I still find that I still say "I'm so busy", "I'm too tired to go run", I do not have enough time to get all this done". Yeh. And since I have a few races  - only a month a half til the Calgary Marathon - looming...I need to focus on the task at hand.

I try to get in 3 weekday runs(each between 7-10k), and two weekend runs (they vary between 16k - 20 each). I like doing weekend back to back runs to keep me running and help alleviate my "legs feel like lead and I am tired" mindgame. And, will help me feel strong to run two half maras a week apart!

So I try to follow a training plan - but I have 2 jobs at the moment. I do a lotta juggling. I will admit I am not a morning person - I do not get up at 5am for runs. But I do other things that help. Maybe you can incorporate them into your routine - or get some ideas on how to fit jam it all in to your day!
  1. Carve out time each day for yourself. Do what you love - meditation, yoga, core exercises, a run, a bike ride. Sometimes my meditation/deep breathing/relax happens when I tuck into bed.
  2. Try as best you can to follow your training guide. Make allowances for your life and circumstance. Sometimes I have to change my run distances or  nights around. But. keep moving. And my rule is not missing a long run. And, not freaking out if you have a "bad" run - we all have em - just keep putting it out there.  
  3. Run with a friend. It really does help to keep you moving. Make a #runch (running over lunch - haha get it?) date. Make a Saturday morning long run then coffee date. Plus, its FUN!
  4. Make a list. Run stuff. Life Stuff. Work or Fun Stuff. Check it off.
  5. Make lunches and dinners ahead of time. The Slow Cooker is your friend - even if you are single and live alone. I even prep smoothie ingredients before I go to bed to "save time" in the morning. 
  6.  Make exercise part of the daily commute. I walk to work  - EVERY DAY - about 6km every day. It's great for clearing your headspace and sometimes it doubles as  a way to shake out the legs/cobwebs. I also try to run home a few times a month. I just leave stuff at work and take it home another day.
And finally...Celebrate. Celebrate the small things. The short runs. The nice chat with your mom/brother/sister/friend. The day being over. The victory at work. The sun rising or beauty in nature of any sort. Working on the gratitude - and practicing mindfulness. Every little bit helps.

Eek. So I did say less than 2 months til the Calgary Marathon! Are you ready for all the Fabulous? I am excited. I have a couple races before then - but am using them as training runs to help me push through  training barriers.

oooh and hey...there is still time to sign up!


  1. Those are great tips for getting your runs in! I have to wake up early to get mine in before my toddler tornado wakes me up! I'm excited for Calgary!!

    1. I don't have a treadmill (or a toddler) so yeh...early mornings have to be your friend! It's a lotta juggling to be sure.

  2. Nice tips! Only 2 months away? Gosh time sure is flying!

  3. I love this, you're absolutely right. Bring the fun (and the fab) back to running! :)