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Tuesday 14 April 2015

FAB 5 ways to stay motivated

Hey There! It’s spring! Hurrah!!
Us Canadians Get rather excited about the advent of Spring! woohoo! #nojackets

Are you training for a big race? Have you been getting in all your runs? Do you wanna smack people when they ask you that?

Hey…sometimes it is HARD to stay on track and feel like you are getting it all in. I know, I know...I just wrote about getting the runs in last week. And the week before about how HARD running can be.

I'm less than a month from my 30km Birthday run (Eyeball the Wall) , SIX weeks from the RMSC Womens Run weekend and SEVEN weeks out from the Calgary Marathon. Holy Sheeshakabobs!

It is right about this time last year that I struggled with my marathon training. The weather wasn’t cooperating. I was tired. I had a cold. You know… the running doldrums hit. And I almost tossed in the towel.

Currently, I am burning the candle at both ends right now working about 70+ hours a week. And trying to get the runs in and NOT sleep in.

Sooooo, I thought I would share my FAB 5 hints to stay the course on your way to your Big Race. Or..your Next Race. Or your Next workout.

1. Goal Setting. I have races and runs coming up. I set goals. I do something that challenges me. Sure, it is my 25th half marathon...but what can I do differently? How can I make it count? Why not take a look at what you have done and see what ELSE is out there to shake it up and challenge you. Use THAT to help motivate you and keep you going on your long runs. Don't stay in your comfort zone!

2. Be Positive. BELIEVE in yourself. You CAN do this! I have mantras. Poems. Songs. Music. I use these things to keep me upbeat. Even temporary tattoos. I am the queen of sarcasm. But I am working hard to stay and be positive about my running. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of all I have to be grateful for.  I know it might sound simple or silly...but I have the BEST running jewelry from Endorphin Warrior. Yes I wear one or two to run in. Each word has meaning for me and yeh, I think it helps.

3. Shake it Up. Ok. interpret this how you will. I have a plan for my training. I know how far I am to run. But sometimes...I need a chance of scenery. I don't want to run the same route over AND over AND over. Find a new route. Check it out and it will help keep you motivated to keep getting out there.
I recently took my workout to the track and trail to help me shake it up.

4. Track your progress. I have trouble doing this at times. Why did I run 5k in 29 minutes here and only 33 minutes there. Be careful of that. I ran a half marathon in this pace, but this week it took so much longer. I don't mean that. I mean ---> write down your workouts. If you are doing speed work or hills note your progress. Make a checklist... and then you will go from doing 1 hill repeat to 10 in no time! You will see it happen. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the BIG goals, so I break it down into chunks. One run or day at a time!

5. Celebrate Success. This relates directly to numba 2 (be positive). EVERY run counts. Count your blessings, count your miles, count your milestones. Hell, some days getting out of bed is a hard won victory. Give yourself a little cheer and move on the next step. And by all means, celebrate at that finish line!
Lastly...friends, family are IMPORTANT...use them to keep you positive and help celebrate! Or keep you on track running. Run dates are the BEST!

And by all means, celebrate at that finish line!
Keep your eye on that prize...keep moving one step at a time
Have you run today?

ps --  Check out my fab pal Marcia's post - she has some great thoughts on motivation too.


  1. My eye is on Vancouver. Just saying...

    1. ermigahhhh YES!!! you just are gonna have sooo much fuuun!!

  2. Great post and a great approach, Tina!