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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Diagnosis: ManFlu

Last Wednesday, I went for a nice 10k run. It was marvy. 
Except for the coughing fits. A tad worrisome, given I had planned a 20k and a 10-15 km run on Saturday and Sunday. And, I had had a throat tickle all bloody week. eep.

I had started started out the week taking some juicing remedies....Ginger overload and Oil of Oregano: tasted like shit fresh but wasn't helping, apparently.

By Friday morning....I was feeling crap. By Friday afternoon, miserable. Friday night over some hot and sour soup I am fit to be tied  - shiiiiiit...please let me run - say - just 10k? Panic is setting in.
My alarm went off for long run Saturday, I got up. Started to get dressed an KNEW there was NO WAY. Nope. Can't run. Hell, Cannot BREATHE! eek What am I gonna do? I need Drugs. What can I do? I texted one of the gals in the run group and said, No way I can run. I thought I best lay down for a bit. I woke up over 3 hours later. I sat the alarm for 2 - one hour before I was due at work. I crawled out of bed got dressed and went in only to be told you have two options - work or voluntarily give up your shift (as in do this and you wont get paid).Well, I am coughing like I am losing a lung, and I have no business helping patrons. I need the money, but I cannot work and be on my feet for 8 hours. I choose to voluntarily give up my shift. Head straight to pharmacy and then straight to bed. Up for a couple hours, eat, more meds, back to bed. Sunday Morning I know I cannot run. Instead, I google symptoms. And then I reluctantly call in the job and voluntarily give up another 8 hour shift. 
And then I check out some homoeopathic remedies. I might do anything at this point.
Oh sod it...I am so tired. I cannot even look at TV or interwebs. 

I put on some chapstick and polysporin. And, wish for this to all go away. 
Crappy headache, congestion, unbelievable phlegm, And, the coughing. 
UGH. The pain in my chest is unBEARABLE. 
Yup. Diagnosis ManFLU
Don't use THIS lipbalm when you have a cold. BAD IDEA!
On Sunday I speak to my Mom at about 1pm. You know you are sick when you're mom is coming to town and says you sound terrible, I guess I better not see you. WAHHHHHHHH

I get up off the couch. Got to bed. I wake at 8pm. Yonks. I eat a small bit of leftover rice noodle salad. By 10, I go back to bed. It's now Monday. I woke at 7:30, went back to bed for a short hour.

Drank about 2 litres of water. Woke up a short hour later again. Yes. I slept through the Boston Marathon. Back. To. Bed. Up at 245. Pretty much back to bed til almost 5. Less Mucus and Phlegm! Ate pasta and spinach! Had a shower! huzzah! But still ... Trying not to worry about impending runs.

Yup. Another day of rest. OK Tuesday. Let's do this!! 

ERMIGAH...Dare I hope that all this sleep may help? I do feel better...Doc says it is a virus. Frick!! Doc gives me a ventilator - has immediately helped with my poor sore bronchial tubes. Today - feel almost human. Lets hope I feel even more human tomorrow.

How was your week? 
Wait don't tell me. 
I already have all the FOMO* (and panic) about not running. 

*FOMO = fear of missing out


  1. I hate saying that I really enjoyed a blog post about you being really sick, bit I kinda DID..........don't hold it against me. But, man, you do sound terrible and I certainly hope you continue to improve! Men are nasty but their flu is worse!! (by the way I had to check the internet to see what FOMO meant....I'm quite amazed to find out you're a former Mormon but I'm also totally cool with that lol!)

    1. BAHAHAHAH glad my cooties made you smile! Now i need to google FOMO....hardeehar I shall add the FOMO definition in as an update. lol